Being New, Being Strong – XAHR

Being a Cocktail of inveterate Jesuit Values and Young Breakfree Culture, my campus Xavier University Bhubaneshwar is surely unique!

It has been only three weeks since I have accepted my campus at XAHR as a home away from home. I agree that three weeks is a pretty short time to stop missing your homey home 1700 km away and totally accept a new place that looks different, speaks different and feels different as your new home. But a few people are to be blamed for stealing the ‘right to miss my family’ away from my brain. The first one among them is the Bhainaa sitting at the counter of the mess. Apart from doing the job that he is paid for; he teaches me a little Oriya every morning, learns a little English from me every afternoon and accompanies me in reminiscing about the hometown and family while I have my tea and snacks in the evening. The second person among them is my roll senior. His responsibilities towards me come without a “job description”. He is my mentor, guide, friend and teacher all in one soul. One day he would groom me as his soldier for the upcoming SIPs, another day he would reveal some “unofficial” delicacies of the totally new MBA at XAHR culture and at yet another day he would scratch his head while teaching me Quantitative Methods. Meeting these two people was just a trailer. In time I saw that The Career Advisory Committee, the Alumni committee, and the Illuminatix among other committees are also the people who redefine roles and responsibilities all day and night. I connected the dots and saw that almost every person in the campus loves to work overtime and beyond  JDs. Using my psychological lens for analysis I came to a conclusion that the spirit of ‘Magis’ runs in the XUB blood. Being a relatively new university established in 2011 fuels the passion to work and grow beyond limits. Being new and being strong is the USP of XAHR and is the reason for its being unique.


The Aditya Birla group company that I would love to work with is Aditya Birla fashion and retail industry. Fashion industry is one of the most challenging industries. Fashion holds different meaning to every other person and is often an expression of one’s unique personality. Having something in store for everyone is a challenge and employees whose mission is ensuring so deserve the best HR practices. To keep these employees engaged in such a dynamic market is often challenging. Thus I would love to take this challenge and serve as the Human Resource of this ABG company.


Mansi Chopra

MBA-HRM, 1st year