The New World – MDI

13th June 2018, with excitement and nervousness, I first stepped inside the campus of MDI. But, the moment I entered, I felt calm breeze. This breeze provided assurance and certainty. It felt homely. Now when I think about the first day, I remember the excitement of the students and nervousness of their parents. Everyone had the same question, ‘how the life is going to be?’. With this question our MBA journey began.

Initial awkwardness of the hostel life was slowly moving away and sharing brought us close. From sharing room, we advanced to sharing life stories with each other. With this, our routine started. After leisure time during holidays, it was time to buckle up the shoes and get going. The assignments, group tasks, readings and sleepless nights became regular. Deadline time ‘23.59.59’ became the number to be remembered.

Being away from family and being with new people might had made us homesick, but this never happened. The entire credit for this goes to the senior batch. The culture of caring is in the air at MDI and is naturally present in all. Senior batch made sure that we are not lost in the new world. They held our hands and stood by us all the while. They ignited the flame of togetherness and they made us ‘MDI batch of 2018-2020′.

The section story began with fumbling over the names of the classmates. The classes started and so the fun. We started juggling between the tasks. Initially, it was difficult to adjust to the speed of events occurring and we struggled to match the speed. But, I must say, this struggle was made easy by classmates. Now, we have started enjoying this jugglery. Submission time has become the most happening time of the night. Generally, assignments, group tasks begin at night and the go on till morning. Well, we have finally found out the way to stay awake. This key is none other than our very own Sharmaji’s canteen. This place on campus is the savior when you are in desperate need of tea or coffee and also when you crave for Maggi.

At campus, interactions with seniors are regular. Through these interactions, I got to know about the Aditya Birla Group as an organization. I learnt how Aditya Birla Group Retail strived to reach position it is currently at, accuracy in their working, how the values such as integrity and accuracy are appreciated. This has made me interested in working at Retail vertical of Aditya Birla Group.

The fun at the campus is currently at its peak. Reason for this is ‘KOK – King of Kings: The ultimate Sports Championship’ of MDI. The mere announcement of the event triggered the excitement among all the sections. Selection of team name, arranging events, selection of team, team practice and sweating out on the court to win the competitions and working to become an ultimate team like a dream journey for all of us. These events have brought us together.

From forgetting names of the classmates to knowing the characteristics of every family member of the section, we have a come a long way. I understand that there is a still long road to travel which is full of ups and downs, but I am sure this would be the most beautiful journey I would ever embark upon because it is journey at MDI.