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India under scrutiny as Paris Accord accepted
As congratulatory messages surrounding the Paris Climate Summit come to a close, the details of the Accord signed reveal that emerging industrialized countries like India will have to undertake significant steps to reduce emissions. This deal, that will replace the Kyoto Protocol from 2020, has seen a lot of compromise between the developed and developing nations. (LiveMint)

Solutions to Delhi’s air pollution woes
While the odd-even car registration rule has been sparking off debates across the nation, what might be the sustainable solution to the twin problems of traffic congestion and rising air pollution? Read this op-ed from LiveMint that discusses this issue.

Last-ditch attempts by NDA government to pass bills 
As the winter session of the Parliament is drawing to a close on December 23, the NDA government has picked up efforts to pass long-pending bills in the Parliament. The GST Bill and Real Estate Bill remain the most contentious of the lot of 16 bills scheduled to be brought up for discussion. (LiveMint)


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