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If you follow these articles regularly, they will help you build a broader perspective of the current Indian and global business scenario. Also, moving away a bit from regular news, we will try to bring forth informative articles that will guide your preparation for interviews.

China’s Two-Child Policy: The Demographics & Economics

China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament has approved the end of one-child policy & the start of two-child policy. The controversial former law was started in 1979 to prevent births & reduce the strain on resources. Now, with increasing age of population & lesser number of working age adults, it is affecting China where it hurts the most: its economy. However, even the two child policy is also not expected to have a major effect since most of the Chinese couples consider having a second child as expensive & a single child family has become the social norm.

Educated Political Representatives: Is it essential?

Recently, Supreme Court approved the constitutionality of Haryana Panchayati Raj. The act bars persons without having passed matriculation from contesting election. This effectively means that the average education qualification of future representatives will be higher. But the question that begs our attention is that “Is education a pre-requisite to being the representative of people?” Another clause disallows persons with criminal case charged (but not convicted) from contesting.

India to take Up Visa Fee Issue with U.S.

U.S. had recently doubled the fee for H1B & L1 fees. India’s IT sector is expected to take a hit of around $400 million this year. The peculiar case is that the fee hike is targeted at Indian firms since around 67.4% of H1B issues are for Indians. Is this a case of discriminatory trade barriers?