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In the interest of time, we plan to provide no more than 5 articles everyday. If you follow these articles regularly, they will help build a broader perspective of the current Indian business scenario. We aim to pick articles from different sectors in news recently, to provide a well-balanced and brief reading meal for you.

Zomato seeking avenues for growth: Restaurant search and review giant Zomato is looking to grow faster with more funding after concluding a series of acquisitions. For regular users of this app, this article is useful to understand Zomato’s funding structure and future plans. (LiveMint)

The boom in Technology Start-ups: Analysts have compared the interest in tech start-ups to a similar keenness in the gold rush of the 1850s. Considering the hard fact that only 10% of all start-ups make it big, this article lists the factors that separate the wheat from the chaff. A must read for entrepreneurship buffs. (Forbes India)

Factors that a company entering the Indian market must consider: Read what the CEO of global hygiene products company SCA has to say about their recent market entry strategy into India. The article touches upon all key aspects of what a new entrant must consider before foraying into Indian markets. (Forbes India)

Apple and Amazon are ‘frenemies’ in the e-Reader space: Why does it make sense for bitter rivals like Apple and Amazon (iPad vs Kindle) to collaborate and allow compromises on software on their hardware devices? Read about when it makes sense to collaborate with your rivals. (Forbes India)

Food-Tech Start-ups in India: While we read about Zomato’s growth in the first article, this YourStory article touches upon all the reasons why food-tech start-ups are thriving in India. Read about the entire industry in this comprehensive article.

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Will a news burger guarantee you a job? Of course not. There are many other things at play. However, a news burger a day for the next 1 month will increase your odds of landing that dream job manifold.

As is the case with the best chefs in the world, we will try to add new variants and carry out slight changes to our recipe based on feedback from our consumers.

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