Nidhi’s Internship Interview With TAS – Summer Internship At IIM Lucknow – Chapter 4

We bring to you, straight from IIM Lucknow, Nidhi Zanwar, Batch of 2017. She has  shared with us her experience of the TAS interview process. She gives us valuable insight on preparation for General Management roles, and TAS in particular.

Let’s hear it from Nidhi!

Aastha(A): Hello Nidhi! To begin with, can you tell us what was the overall selection process like? How many rounds?

Nidhi (N): There were a total of 3 rounds, each being an elimination round. The first was the CV and application form. It is extremely important to fill the application form with all seriousness as this form would be used till the end of the process. Yes, even during the final process after the internship is over, this form would be referred. The second is the Chairman GD round. And the final round is the personal interview. The overall selection process is quite lengthy and exhausting as compared to other firms.

A:That’s pretty daunting! So the application form itself requires much attention and diligence..

N: Yes, it does. Its is better to work on the answers diligently and discuss them with others, to get an idea if they create the right impact.

A: How to go about the dreaded HR answers?

N: It cannot be stressed enough that HR answers are the most important part of the whole selection process. Be genuine while answering any of the HR questions. It does not matter if the situation you might have faced seems to be trivial but as long as you can justify your approach to the mentioned problem, it would have substantial importance.

The limited space in the application form to answer the questions would compel you to shorten your answers considerably. Hence in the form, it is important to explain the situation in short and stress more on the actions taken by you. Unlike the form, in the interview you can explain the situation in greater detail.

A: Hmm..moving on, what would you say is the ideal approach to the GD, rather, what was your approach?

N: TAS usually has a different format of the GD, as you all might know. My TAS GD went on for almost an hour. There were 8 people, so 8 caselets with about 6 – 8 min for each. I approached the GD with an intent to participate in each round of caselet in moderation. It is very important to ensure that you keep on participating in each round. Though the day might have been tiring, one should be attentive right till the end. When it is your turn to be the Chairman, address the panel in first person. Be polite and humble while directing the panel. Any reflection of arrogance or dominance might be taken very negatively.

A: Okay..and what was the interview like? We have heard TAS interviews are very long..

N:You heard it right! Though the interview was long, it wasn’t stressful. The panel was friendly and it was more of an interaction.

My interview panel had two Tata employees. They had my previously filled application form with them. Some of the questions were asked directly from the form. I was also asked to elaborate on some of the minor points mentioned in the application form. Expect at least one or two questions on ethics and situations where you faced any ethical dilemma and how you approached the situation.

Apart from this, I was also asked about my family background in detail. There were a few questions about my prior work experience. But mostly the emphasis is on trying to understand you and your personality and hence, HR questions become the pivotal in cracking the TAS interview.

A: Any Do’s and Don’ts to bear in mind?


  • Fill your application in all seriousness
  • Have a copy of the filled application form for future reference
  • Keep a few incidents of your life in your mind, which you feel played a crucial role in the decisions you made. These will help you answer questions during your interview


  • Be aggressive during the GD
  • Say anything that might be perceived as unethical

A: Thank you so much for your time and patience, Nidhi! I am sure many are going to benefit from your suggestions. We wish you all the best!

N: Thanks a lot! The pleasure was all mine.



About the interviewer:


Aastha Sneha Pathak is a 2nd year student at IIM Lucknow. Besides living the hel(L)ish life, she loves to read. She is also a member of Forty Two, the literary and debating club on campus, as well as, Team Disha, the committee of placement mentors.