A Night To Remember – Freshers’ Party At IIM Ranchi

Rock music, Welcome drinks, Tasty food, Smiles and resounding laughter all at the same time – yes it is party time! The event that the freshers eagerly await from the time of their admissions as it provides a great opportunity to spend more time together with friends and to get to know each other better before starting a new chapter in their life.

In the late blissful clouded evening of August 19th, perfectly set up for a Saturday night party the event was organised at “Celebrations” with both guys and girls dressed up their personal best bringing in all their zest for the revelry. The event was packed with enthusiastic freshers waiting to choose their Mr. and Ms. Fresher judged only by their loud screams as a way of support.  

 There were 8 nominees who competed with full zeal and great enthusiasm to be crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Fresher ’17. After two rounds of exemplary performances comprising of Individual Talent Round and candidate endorsement by seniors for their favourite candidate, Pratik Mungate and Lozua Genevieve was crowned the Mr. and Ms. Fresher as they shared their victory drinks, the party was all set to commence.

The party started off with light music as we wandered to sate our appetite which was aroused by the aroma of the starters served at the counters surrounding the lawn. As the party progressed, we started to dance to the beats chosen by the DJ followed by students clicking photos of themselves to register these memories which they could look back and retrospect in future.

We took a pause to enjoy the dinner only to recoup our energy and to hit the dance floor again. Although the night was burning out, there were no signs of exhaustion or fatigue among the students as the party continued with full zeal and enthusiasm with the brightly lit moon and stars now disguising themselves as a disco ball, lighting the entire lawn perfectly set up for more entertainment for the students.

Finally, late in the night, the party ended, leaving behind sweet memories and new friendships that will be cherished lifelong.

dheepak ganesamoorthi

I am an Avid reader,Technology enthusiast and a nature lover. I have worked in cognizant and Oracle as data analyst and i currently pursue MBA from IIM Ranchi. I like to play with numbers as they always tend to make sense.