The funniest thing about the economy is the relation between the value that is given to a commodity and the emotional dividends that can be drawn from it. We believe the diamond is more precious than coal because a diamond is costlier, but what if the prices were reversed? Will you still ignore coal?

The most flawed argument given against this is that diamond is costly because it is precious and not the other way around. But the basic mistake they do is that they ignore the law of demand & supply. In a nutshell, the value of a commodity is assigned by the difference in their demand and supply, when supply is more than the demand, the cost falls and vice versa. If the supply for coal is drastically reduced than its demand( a possibility considering today’s fuel scenario), the prices of coal will shoot up and it will become costlier and dearer.

This is how today’s MBA space has been for GEMs (General Engineer Male). Not until a decade ago, supply for a GEM in MBA was less than demand and thus they were most sought after. It was an era of MTech. and Govt. jobs, when an engineer MBA was as rare as platinum and was regarded as such but now when the supply has increased (exploded indeed), they are treated as coal. My question is, just because the diamond lost its market value, does it lose its shine?

Today when the Engineer populace is exploding in India, they have indeed lost their value. However, one thing they can never lose is their shine, and just like Masamune could sniff the sharpest katana out of a block of iron, NITIE has been polishing these GEMs.

NITIE is, if you call it, Moses for GEMs, who guides them to their salvation, breaks all bounds of gender, undergrad, past CGPA etc. and commits to the creation of a brand of Techno-Managers that industry needs.

If you ask a CBSE student and a state board student: what is a difference in the two? With a morbid expression, the state board student will say: “Where the topper percentages end in state board, CBSE’s starts”. Some similar analogy is there between engineering and non-engineering courses, and when in admissions shortlist weight is given to undergrad scores, we know it is like asking a monkey and a fish to climb the same tree.

What happens when a fish can’t climb a tree? IT swims, in an ocean, living the world, while the monkey is left on the tree, NITIE is the ocean for GEMs.

Many colleges boast of their placement records and are ranked based on it but one of the most important aspects, that only an MBA can understand but is hidden from applicants, are the shortlisting criteria. You may get into a top 4 institute but if you fell in love in class 10 and scored an 8 in your boards then all your years of undergrad and work experience goes in vain, simply because you won’t make the shortlist of major recruiters. I know friends who, even after being in top 4 B schools, have packages at 15lpa (where the average is 20) just because of a 7 pointer. In NITIE, even if u have a 7 in your career, well, you will make most of the shortlists and that too at same packages offered at those “Top B schools”.

I guess I need not say more, but alas now an argument will come,” Why then NITIE is not that famous?”

Let me ask you this, have you heard about Creed? Maybe Ramon? Are you Googling it? Save the effort. These are some of the niche”est” perfumes in the world! Now do you know about AXE?, I hope you do!

NITIE is the same –  a niche brand, not everyone knows of it, and not everyone needs to know about it. As it is famously said: “Rolls Royce does not put an advertisement on TV, for those who can afford it, don’t watch TV.”  Our real customers, the Industry, know who we are and what we are. So how are we so confident about it?

1. Placements: Comparable to ANY B school in India, in fact, better if we leave the IVY league.

2. Competitions: All top Case competitions open in NITIE.

3. Alums: Will need a separate article to articulate about them.

4. Faculty: As it is said- Best of breed.

NITIE, standing tall on hilltops of Powai, at a height of approx. 250ft (25 storeyed building), washed by Vihar Lake and Powai lakes on two sides, Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one, a smoke-free campus, is not only a B School, it is an ecosystem in its own. Sitting in my hostel room at 11th floor (out of 16, effectively 36th floor) looking at the NITIE pond with the two mighty lakes in the backdrop and feeling the cold breeze holding my coffee cup while I work on my laptop, feels like living in Ruskin Bond’s stories. NITIE is nothing short of a gurukul, where the royal princes were sent to study. We have our academic block at the highest point on campus, and climbing those 96 stairs every day to reach the classes while overlooking Mumbai below, is nothing short of a daily pilgrim to our temple of education.

NITIE is like the Nanda Parbat of Marvel universe, where the GEMs of our nation who are discarded and neglected are picked up, shined, cut and polished to show the world what they missed. In true essence, NITIE is a Gem for GEMs.

– Ashirwad Tomar

He is a PGDIM student of NITIE for 2017-19. He has done his B Tech from HBTI, Kanpur. He has 9 months in Nucleus Software as the software engineer and 15  months in EXL services as a business analyst.

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ankit sekhri

Brilliant article, I must say, but a Marvel/DC fan would be disappointed with the Nanda Parbat reference. It’s actually DC universe, Arrowverse to be precise.

kushak thakkar

The only bad thing about Nitie is too much high sectional cut off .92 percentile sectional is never be easy

Ritesh Joshi

I was a lot disappointed about being a GEM as I wanted IIM-ABC, but this college seems to realize the true potential of a student rather than his past mistakes. Thank you for the insights.

Sapna Aidasani

Loved the way the article is written . Best thing I have read in days . Just a little Query Mr Ashirwad Tomar is NITIE equally good for freshers ?
Would wait to hear from you .