NITIE Is Where Life Grows!

Basking besides two majestic lakes, a picturesque national park and a corporate jungle, nestles a divine place. This is not your regular government institute. This is a paradise for the sincere seekers of knowledge. As the waves of the Vihar lake touch the feet of this institute everyday, virtues of humility and innovation makes the cradle of this very place. With glorious natural embodiment flanked all around us, nature becomes our teacher. She doesn’t discriminate- animals, humans and celestial beings are welcomed always ! A walk across the in house pond, will make you break through the barriers that obstruct novelty and newness. Ideas, thoughts and dreams are always in a state of flux here. Welcome to this ecosystem of churn, welcome to the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)!

Legend has it that in 1963, the operation managers of heaven decided to shift their base to the city of dreams. The chief supply chain officer of this universe-mortals call him God-decided to reside here. And God then decided to bring along with him his entire entourage of ‘devatas’-the movers and shakers of the universe-commoners call them Engineers! And thus the name-God’s Own Campus!

We began with the mission to achieve Udyog Pragati- that is what we stand for. We persevere to achieve industrial excellence. We strive towards making India a super power by churning first-class engineers into world-class managers and leaders. We act as a driving force to strengthen our industries keeping in mind the future needs of our vibrant economy. As they say, the competition of the 21st century is not between companies, it is between supply chains. We take pride in being called as the ‘Mecca for Operations and Supply Chain’.We boast in the grandness of possessing a state-of-the-art ergonomics laboratory , a one of its kind Centre for Technology Management and Innovation, a cutting-edge Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence a grandeur Centre for Supply Chain management , a centre of excellence focussed on working towards Global Competitiveness in the MSME sector and a multi-faceted ‘Mind-to Market’ entrepreneurship workplace to help you take your ideas from imagination to realization. Growth here is organic yet strategic. NITIE is known for offering a bouquet of courses ranging from Sustainability Management, Project and Manufacturing Management, Environment Management along with the regular Industrial Management and Industrial Engineering courses.


We embody a no-frills approach. Over the years, we have grown from a government institute conducting training programs for industry personnel to a world-class institute producing the top-most techno-managers for the country and achieving superior research excellence and this is just the beginning!

This is a place where life grows