NITIE – PGDIM (2018-20) Interview Experience – Verdict: Converted – Vinay Reddy

Date: 28/3/2018

Venue: NITIE Campus

Slot: 11:00AM

Profile: (10th/12th/UG – 89/86/7.5) – GEM

Work-ex: 30 Months as Project Manager at Tata Motors

GD: “should Facebook be allowed to give clear policies about the data that should be removed”

There were 12 members in the GD and the panel had 3 professors. The GD turned out to be a fish market with only 3-4 people shouting to get the chance to speak all the time. Amidst this chaos I was able to pitch in 3-4 times with some points regarding a regulatory body to be made with members from different countries and proper rules must be formulated to verify the data before anyone posts it. also talked about developing AI algorithms to control data etc.

Preperation: 3/5 ; Performance: 2.5/5

PI: Our panel had 2 profs one male and one female. let’s call them M (in the early 40s )and (in the early 30s).

I was 9th in my Panel.

M: So, Vinay please introduce yourself.

V: Told the well-rehearsed answer (practised well after my blunders in my first interview :P)

M: So what exactly is your profile at Tata Motors?

V: Sir, I work as a Project Manager for ILCV Bus segment and I’m currently managing projects for State Transport Undertakings (STU’s). Currently working on a regulatory project for Govt. of India. (Told some minor details about the project and how I play a crucial part in the on-time delivery of the project).

M: Asked few technical questions regarding applications of Electronics in Automobiles (My UG major is in ECE).

V:  I was, fortunately, able to answer all of them.

F: So, Vinay you have studied from NIT Kurukshetra. How was Kurukshetra for you?

V: Spoke about Kurukshetra and what i liked about the place and how i was able to mix with people from different cultures and how I learnt Punjabi and Haryanvi.

F: Asked something more about the cultural changes that i observed between South India and North India.

V: Gave some examples. (I think she was convinced :))

F: So, as a project Manager how do you choose Vendors for your Projects? Do you prefer those who have a Global presence?

V: Not exactly, Madam. Instead, as a project manager, I would look for suppliers who can give us better quality products with minimum cost and shorter time to market. This would help me complete my project in time and be accountable to the customer. In fact, we have had problems regarding quality with some vendors who are present globally. At that time we went for vendors who gave quality products for us.

M: So Vinay what is your take on electric vehicles?

V: Sir, the Indian govt. has proposed to have electric vehicles by the end of 2030. According to me, we are presently not ready with the proper infrastructure like charging stations, driver awareness etc. but Indian govt. is working towards accomplishing that and I think we can be successful by 2030.

Both M& F: okay Vinay Thank you (with a Big smile)

Then suddenly F: (while I was standing) What other calls do you have Vinay?

V: Ma’am I have calls from new IIMs, MDI, NITIE as of now.

Both M & F: Okay, all the best, Vinay.

V: Thank you Madam, Thank you Sir.

Preperation: 4/5 ; Performance: 4/5

Verdict: Converted in the First List and Joining “NITIE – The God’s Own Campus :D”

vinay reddy

I have done my B.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra and worked as Project Manager for Tata Motors. Will be joining NITIE- PGDIM program in June'18