NITIE presents one of the biggest Entrepreneurship event 


There has never been a better time to enter into entrepreneurship and there cannot be a better setting than Empreasrio, the E-cell of NITIE, Mumbai setting up the stage for all the enterprising enthusiasts with multitudinous events. Empresario is one of the largest and oldest student led enterprising events organizing committee and this year too we are back with a barrage of new events. Empresario has always been the trendsetter in terms of organizing events to provide impetus to entrepreneurship not only within the campus or Mumbai level, but all over India, this year’s overwhelming participation comes as no surprise.

Navkriti, an investor pitch with an initial investment opportunity of more than 10 Cr will be held on 27th Oct. It is a recent addition to the events we have been organizing, the event will provide an all-important platform for the early stage startups for initial funding from investors as Mumbai Angels, NEN and Activitas . The Empresario Entrepreurship award initiated in 2004, has always been one of the most sought after award and the previous recipients continue to shape the way the world works. The Entrepreneurship Award aims at fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship & to instill inspiration amongst the budding entrepreneurs from the struggle of the veterans. The Startup expo, a two day event on 27-28th Oct will provide startups an opportunity to interact with potential investors & customers and to market their product, also it will provide them with an opportunity to learn from, and get in sync with the current Startup ecosystem. D’apprendre, the entrepreneur talk will be organized on 28th, It imparts valuable insights into the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs, who today are at a CEO status or higher. This helps foster the spirit of innovation and also quenches the thirst of curiosity in terms of how the startup took off. The Entrepreneurship conclave every year has brought together the best minds to discuss the most disruptive technology or event, this year on 30th Oct the conclave will revolve around how mobile space is dominating the dotcom. Workshops of contemporary importance have always been the focus of Empresario, this year too Idea generation workshop will be organized on 29th Oct to help students shape their ideas.



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