NITIE presents Strategem and TacTix, supply chain and Operation events


Supply Chain has emerged as one of the few business functions which can drive down costs and assist in improving the financial health of organisation. Strategem is an amalgamation of Supply Chain Management and Business Strategy conducted by Chain to Excellence forum under the umbrella of Avartan. Being organised in association with SCNext, it seeks to unearth sound strategies and feasible solutions to problems that affect the Supply Chain of most modern organizations. The solutions would need to be robust and implementable. Strategem consists of 3 rounds. Round 1 is an Online Quiz consisting of questions related to supply chain and operations. In Round 2, 25 teams will be shortlisted from the prelims round to compete in the second phase. They will receive a supply chain strategy based case study. Submissions will be evaluated by NITIE faculty members. Shortlisted Teams will be invited to NITIE Campus for the final round. Round 3 is a campus event based on a real time Supply Chain problem. 5 teams will be selected from all the campuses for participating in this round. The event is based on end to end supply chain. Teams have to do business here by procuring raw material, converting them into finished goods and by selling them to the markets. The campus is divided in following units – Raw material and Suppliers, Manufacturers, Logistics and Markets. There will be some surprises, constraints and clues as well. All the teams will be given a fix amount of money and the team that uses it in most efficient manner, dealing with all hurdles effectively, wins the game. The team which will come with highest profits will be the winner. In case of a tie, the time consumed by them will be considered as the tie-breaker factor. Prizes Worth Rs 1, 50,000/- are to be won at Strategem.


Operations as a domain is fast evolving as one of the prime areas for optimizations that leads to cost reduction which in turn directly hit the bottom line numbers. TacTix is an Operations Case Challenge that challenges the participants to work with problems and propose viable solutions that can help save costs and improve profitability. The participants are expected to do a thorough analysis and put forth logical solutions. Tactix comprises of 2 rounds. Round 1 is an Online Quiz. In Round 2, 25 teams will be shortlisted from the first round to compete in a case study competition. Submissions will be evaluated by NITIE faculty members.


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