Why NITIE Is Unqiue – Rahul Pathak

NITIE changes the perception of how a  b-school should look like, surrounded by the beautiful nature from all sides it is rightly called The God’s own campus. The campus has Vihar lake on one side with Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the background and Powai Lake with Hiranandani Skyscrapers in its background makes the campus one of most calm places in the city that never sleeps. The beauty of the campus is enhanced by its very own pond, this is the most favourite hang-out place of every NITIEzen. The pond helps the campus in coming more closer to nature. The pond is one of the best places in the campus to sit and ponder over any topic disturbing your mind. One can find a variety of birds in the campus and near the pond, being welcomed by monkeys while visiting the academic block if the building is quite an experience to have. It is said that life at NITIE can sometimes become a safari and it does, while spending two years in NITIE one tends to see some of the unique species of birds.

The campus of NITIE is designed such that it takes care of your fitness, the 96 steps called the Stairway to Wisdom provide the experience of a mini trek when one visits the academic building. This stairway works as a wake-up alarm to those who are awake physical but not mentally for morning 8 am lectures. In NITIE, one gets the opportunity to live in one of the best hostels in the country, the 16 floor tall hostel (Taylor hall) stands right at the beginning of the campus, it is the tallest hostel among all B- schools in the country.

NITIE can be described as a place where both pressure and calmness coexists, a place where technology and nature both are an integral part of the institution. The God’s own campus helps in developing new ideas and executing them such that it contributes something to the world.

Which ABG company I would like to join?

UltraTech Cement
I would like to work in UltraTech cement of Aditya Birla Group. As UltraTech cement is the largest cement manufacturing company in India and stands 11th in the world. Being from a mechanical engineering background I will be able to relate to the overall functioning of the organization. The vision and values like Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and speed of Aditya Birla Group sends a strong signal of how determinant the organization is towards achieving its goals which will in turn help me in providing a sustainable growth to my career.

– Rahul Pathak