‘Knowledge of your basics should suffice. Plus be thorough be with your college projects and internships.’ – NITIE MRC

In the series of LIVE Chats going on InsideIIM, this is the transcript for the chat with NITIE Mumbai on the admission process scheduled to happen over the next 1-2 months

Ravi Bhola Is there WAT also in the Admissions Process?

NITIE No there is no WAT in the selection process though during group discussion they might ask you to summarize it.

Ravi Bhola Group Discussion is done Category Wise or is it common for all?

NITIE Candidates are called in pre decided groups.

Ravi Bhola Dates for Interview are pre-allotted or we have the option to choose?

NITIE You don’t get option to choose the dates.


Gaurav Sharma What are the questions that are generally asked in the interviews? I mean more of GK, or technical or finance related?

NITIE The interview is often based on your engineering background but they may stick to your work exp as well. In general, it’s would be a good practice to brush up on your final projects and summer trainings. The questions generally asked in interviews are from a wide array of fields whether it be general awareness, your work experience, engineering background, your ideas or creativity etc.

Gaurav Sharma By when will we be receiving the interview calls and can we expect the interviews to be held in April, as it is late compared to other colleges?

NITIE The interviews are mostly held in April only. The same happened last year as well. The interview calls have been scheduled to be out by last week of Jan or beginning of Feb tentatively.

Gaurav Sharma Can you let us know some cases where people left their jobs for CAT preparation and how exactly they defended it?

NITIE That would depend a lot on how well you are able to defend it during your interview. Try showing reasonable justification to your gap and how well u utilized the time to prepare for an MBA!


Vasudeva Krishnan What is operations? What kind of work do they do?

NITIE The definition of operations is too wide to be described here… but it deals with everything from raw material to final handout to an end consumer in whatever the industry may be, whether manufacturing, finance, IT or any other.


V G Is it GD or group activity? What is the breakup of CAT, GD & PI for final conversion?

NITIE It is a Group discussion and not a group activity. The weight ages are 30% for CAT score, 30% for PI, 15% for GD, 10% for 10th, 10% for 12th and 5% for graduation.

V G I am a mechanical engineer with exp 4.5 years. What kind of profile I can expect?

NITIE At NITIE, we have a separate lateral placement process for candidates with work-ex and your high work-ex would definitely help u land up with a job in consulting/operations management/finance and bank operations.

V G With this much exp, can I still expect engineering subject questions or only work exp questions? What is the min exp required for laterals?

NITIE Minimum work ex for laterals varies every year depending upon the average work-ex of the complete batch.. u may be asked basic questions related to your branch of engineering or your college project etc. The average minimum work-ex cut off generally lies around 24 months. This work-ex cutoff is for lateral placements only.

V G How are the summer placements this year w.r.t. last 2 years? With renewed economic environment of India since new PM, did you feel change in general in recruiter’s response?

NITIE Summer placements have been good this year with a number of companies offering diverse profiles to the students.. the detailed placement report for this year would be up on the site very soon.. u can through the admission brochure now for reference.


Abhisheck Badjatia PGDISEM placements?

NITIE It’s a niche course which focuses of sustainability, Safety and environment which is used in top organizations for its CSR activities as well as main focus areas the average package is around 10 Lac per annum.


Puneet Agrawal I have experience in IT of more than 2.5 years so will they ask questions on my Electrical Engineering course or their focus would be on work ex. Also in work ex have they taken the technical questions on the relevant technology or business domain?

NITIE They may ask from your IT background as well as your engineering domain that you pursued in graduation.

Puneet Agrawal I am planning in long term to open up a manufacturing plant in my home town related to electrical pumps and machinery. How will the course of IM @ NITIE will help me more with respect to general mgmt courses offered at IIMs.

NITIE The IM course at NITIE has been specifically designed with greater focus on industry operations.. with the added option of deferred placements wherein you can sit for placements an yr after passing out once u have tried your hand at entrepreneurship!

Puneet Agrawal Any abstract topic asked In GD last year?

NITIE There were very few GD topics that were abstract last year, but it depends on the GD judges. You could be asked so be prepared.


Confused Aspirant I am not very abreast with engineering subjects but I wish to pursue MBA for entrepreneurship. What should I do?

NITIE You need not be having a complete idea of all your engineering subjects, knowledge of your basics should suffice. Plus be thorough be with your college projects and internships.


Arjun Harish Where is the interview?

NITIE Interviews are only held at NITIE campus in Mumbai, and tentative dates for this year would be 6-10 April.

Jayant Kar How much knowledge of finance and economics is expected during interview?

NITIE Just basic understanding of some basics would suffice and do keep yourself abreast with current economic affairs! Reading ET would help. Try to get accustomed to basic terminologies and definitions if possible.


Ajey Karthik J P I have resigned my job last June. Will this affect the placement process or selection process at NITIE. I have 40 months of work ex in IT.

NITIE According to the stated criteria it should not affect the selection process but be assured that you could be asked for a justification. You should be able to defend yourself.

Ajey Karthik J P What options do I have with 40 months of IT experience during laterals?

NITIE You will definitely have scope in project management and consulting roles during lateral placements.


Ajey Karthik J P What would be the total fees of NITIE including hostel fees and other charges?

NITIE 8.10 lacs for 2 years including hostel charges excluding mess charges.

Ajey Karthik J P Should I prepare on my final year project thoroughly or giving an overview would be enough? Since I have 3+ yr work ex.

NITIE I would suggest that you should be thorough with your final year project as the interview panel might ask you questions based on it.


Team InsideIIM If you can please share some GD Topics from the past years, will help aspirants

NITIE Some of the GD Topics were waste management, privatization in FM sector, Green India, who should be paid more film stars or sports stars, etc


Swapnil Kulkarni I am planning to attend B-Cube Event at NITIE on Sunday. What is the schedule and is it going to help for GD-PI prep?

NITIE It is to familiarize you with what life at a B school is like and you get to interact with alumni and students there will also be a GD/PI workshop and seminar by our professors. Timings for B-Cube – 9:30AM to 5:30PM.

Swapnil Kulkarni I am working in analytics industry. Will there be problem as NITIE specializes in operations?

NITIE No that should not be a problem, Many students in NITIE come with a background in analytics, consulting companies often prefer candidates with analytics work-ex!


Pruthvish Thakkalapally I am a fresher currently in my final year of B.tech what would the interview be around.

NITIE The interview would mainly be around your final year project go through it thoroughly, your engineering subjects and general awareness.

Pruthvish Thakkalapally What are the roles that may be offered to a fresher during placements?

NITIE All types of profile: marketing, Finance, Supply chain, Operations, IT may open for you. In general Consulting required some experience but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Pruthvish Thakkalapally Can you name some companies which usually hire freshers?

NITIE there is a long list of companies that hire fresher from top FMCGs to Financial companies, IT industry to Manufacturing companies, including pharmaceutical. So rest assured of the options you will get even if you are a fresher.


Ronak Mantri Do they look at sectionals while shortlisting? And will it affect in interview if you have bad breakup?

NITIE Yes sectionals are a criteria – 85%tile for sections and 96%tile overall was the criteria last year.


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Sandeep Vvs

I have 5 years of work-ex in a PSU (Mining industry), I am intersted in PGDIM or PGDMM and would want to work in supply chain management role. Am I eligible for these courses and if eligible, will I be allowed for lateral placements ?