NMIMS Mumbai CD-PI 2018

Profile: Fresher
NMAT Score: 210
Graduation: ~70%
Class 12 : (Humanities-Maths) 94.6 %
Class 10 : 10 CGPA

MBA Core

1. Case Discussion 
Case (writing just the gist of the vital details): You’re an employee working in a private firm. Your wife frantically calls you to tell you that your 2-year old daughter is severely sick. She has no help available and your car is the only means of transport from the house to the hospital. On your way home, in a deserted and dark patch, your car hits an old woman. Before you notice, she dies. Any delay will prove fatal for your daughter. What do you do?

Time: 15 minutes

12 people in the group

Personal Experience: Started the discussion, spoke for almost a minute. Since the case did not present too much of a dilemma, the discussion as such became a little redundant after the first 5 minutes. Almost everyone agreed it wouldn’t be wise to stop for the old lady, the difference in opinion and chaos was only around the issue of involving authorities and whether it would be wise to surrender. I was also able to bring the group to the main point 2-3 times, when the discussion went off-topic or when everyone started pouncing.

2. Personal Interview

(Three professors in the panel- two males, one female)

Me : Good Morning Ma’am, good morning sir (cheerfully smiles)

Female Prof. : (looks at watch) It’s post 12, Good Afternoon!

(I’m already cursing myself)

Male Prof 1 : Is this your first trip to Mumbai?

Me : Yes

M1 : What do you like about Mumbai?

Me : The weather, the people…

M1 : (interrupts) It’s your first day in Mumbai and you already know the people are nice?

Me: Sir I have come from Delhi, it doesn’t take too long to realize the difference :p  (I have been in Delhi for almost three years for graduation)

(light laughter)

M1 : So you’re from Jodhpur. Jaipur is called Pink City. There’s a name for Jodhpur too.

Me : Sir, there are two names actually – Sun City and Blue City (explained the reason for the names)

Female Prof. : (quoting something from my SoP) How should a good leader be?

Me : elaborated a bit on how a leader should be a good follower, have good communication skills, be able to understand the psyche of co-workers etc etc

F: Name some famous women leaders.

Me : (common examples – Indra Nooyi, Chanda Khochhar, Nirmala Sitharaman etc)

M2 : (asked a few questions on one of my internships, my work there, why the firm was recently in news)

Me : (Answered all correctly )

M1 : (questions on another internship (I write for Qrius, a digital newsline) , my latest article there (on the Rohingya crisis) and some specific questions on related issues- what the issue is, effects on economy because of refugees, etc )

Also a few random questions here and there, none on academics.


Verdict: Converted


The interviews were in the order of the sequence in the group in the Case Discussion. I was Number 11 in the group of 12 (there were lists put on the boards with sequence numbers against names), so I was the second last to be interviewed in my group. From what I heard, everyone had greatly different experiences. Someone was grilled only on academics, some other person only on current affairs or internships/projects. Some had stress interviews, some didn’t. And almost everyone was interviewed for 10 minutes.

Ananya Upadhyay

I am currently in the final year of graduation in Economics and Political Science at Miranda House, University of Delhi. I work as an Associate under the World/Business categories and also as Head of On-boarding in the HR Team at Qrius (formerly The Indian Economist).