Not Everyone Can Become A Great Artist, But A Great Artist Can Come From Anywhere – IMI New Delhi

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”


The same can be said for the source of an idea worth spreading. A non-profit organisation devoted to sharing eccentric knowledge, unique and exclusive, only to its own self, TED delivers powerful talks that leave an impression. In this spirit of making sure no worthy idea goes unshared, TED incorporates the independent variable x, to promote self-organised TED (ex)periences that spark deep discussions and connections on a much wider scale.

The second edition of TEDx IMI New Delhi, an intimate gathering of a hundred eager minds, promises to deliver on its theme – Zoom Out, with the help of speakers from a wide band of spectrum. The speakers for the event, Anwesha Mishra (Child prodigy, participant of Destination Imagination) , Divya Dutta (Indian Film Actress), Jason Lewis (Guinness World Record setting Adventurer), Koyal Rana (Femina Miss India 2014), Neharika Yadav (India’s Fastest Lady Superbiker), Prabhu Chawla (Editorial Director, Indian Express Group), Puja Marwaha (Chief Executive of Child Rights and You), Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Writer and Director, Indian Film Industry), Sonam Kalra(Creator of Sufi Gospel Project), Stefan Haves (Ciruqe du Soleil, Comic Act designer and Clown Expert), will advocate the theme “Zoom Out” through their talks. The speakers with the intent to promulgate the concept of holistic view towards reality will make sure the audiences have significant take-aways from the event.

What the world seems like, when unveiled, is that a vast majority of us remain confined to our myopic visions of reality and need to expand our horizons, and home in on the bigger picture. Broadening the way we perceive things the speakers would share experiences and stories that enlighten the audiences, helping them comprehend the reality in a Zoomed Out mode. With its theme “Zoom Out”, the event intends to challenge the now ubiquitous detached attitude, by bringing to light the reality, as opposed to the perception. The reason, to shed the baggage of ignorance and embrace the truth, to tolerate it. It is only after we know where we are as a society, can we proceed to where we want to be. The essence of the event would thus be to provide each eager mind, a map, zoomed out enough to provide a view that unfolds a movement.

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