The Not So Simple Journey To A B-School

As the b-school entrance exams season kicks off in a few months all the MBA aspirants will be busy taking the mock tests, revising and mugging all the formulas and analysing the strong and the weak areas. Here I will be sharing a journey of one such person who was a previous year CAT aspirant and now is in a top b-school.

Meet Ms. Annie, who not only dreamt of being in a premier b-school but also dreamt of being a business leader. Annie had an average profile with 82% in 10th, 76% in 12th and 63% in BTech. But what separated her from the rest was her never say die attitude, calmness, willingness and dedication. Most of the aspirants could relate to the profile and situation of Annie. Trapped between an engineer life and a life which could give them wings, a chance to fly high but constrained due to average or poor profile.

Journey to a b-school is full of such ups and downs but in this journey the most important attribute one should posses is determination. Determined to do something effectively and regularly which could add value to ones’ personality. This journey to the dream Launchpad starts with preparing for the objective paper, followed by WAT, GD/CD and PI. Each step in this journey has its own complexity and competition. Pressure is immense at every stage and hence calmness and determination are the saviors at these situations.

Aspirants preparing for such a competitive national level exam should always keep in mind the objectives they have and what they actually want to get as an output from doing such a professional course. Preparation of b-school should not only be focused on Quants, Verbal and other subjects but should also focus on what b-school education and learning can add to you and to your personality and professional life.

Taking multiple mock tests so as to gauge the extent of learning and to efficiently mange time is the most important factor to be considered while preparing for any b-school Admission exam. Regularly reading a newspaper will also not only help in preparing for the verbal ability part but will also help in understanding current affairs which will be of great help in cracking any interview.

The journey to an MBA college isn’t simple and it isn’t meant to be simple as the corporate world is a fast-paced environment where one thinks of the future and isn’t content only with the present and hence each and every aspirant preparing for the MBA course should keep this in mind that the battle will last forever and the results will come only in the long run and hence being patient, open and a keen observer will help a lot in not only simplifying things but will also be of great help in self-introspection.

Hence the preparation for the MBA exams should be dealt with optimism and rather than thinking too much one should focus more on being smart and doing smart work.

The journey will be no doubt difficult but what it will lead you to a magic world where you will make magic happen.

Prerna Nawka