Nothing Like IIM Trichy!

What makes IIM Trichy unique?

IIM Trichy is special in many ways; however, I’ll discuss top three things that make it exceptional: growth, involvement in society and its state of art campus.

IIM Trichy began in 2011 with a batch size of 60 students. In spite of the fact that the Institute is youngest among second era IIMs, it has excelled in many ways, for example, articles published, research through FPM program, winning prestigious competitions like L&T outthink, Global Supply Chain Management Initiative at Perdue University, a number of students clearing CFA, honours won. Quite a bit of this was accomplished even before moving to our permanent campus. All this has been conceivable because of the culture that the institute has developed consistently. Here students do not compete against each other but learn from one another. Events like sports, cultural meets, competitions happen throughout the year, and the high participation from the students shows how involved students are in the campus life. Clubs and committees have also actively contributed towards the growth of the institute by providing platforms to showcase the talent and helping students in their learning by organizing necessary workshops, guest lectures from industry experts.

Learning environment has become much more empowering after we moved to our State-of-art new campus in August last year. Campus spread over 175 acres, or I must say 175 acres of knowledge hub with an 80000 sq.ft library at the heart of the campus symbolizing our slogan “Gnanam Anantham” . The library is built to not only share the knowledge but also to create it through the discussion rooms apart from books and online sources. Harvard inspired classrooms which are built to provide the best setting for students and faculty to get indulged in healthy discussions. Apart from these students also use Sports complex with all the sports facilities and a gymnasium to keep themselves healthy and active. Now with such a resourceful campus and learning environment IIM Trichy is ready to reach new horizons.

IIMT has always been involved in community building activities; one such an initiative is “Make a Difference” (MAD) project where all the students are involved in welfare activities by picking up an issue and working on it as teams to create sustainable solutions. We believe that these activities help in creating socially responsible professionals who spread these values among the various prestigious organizations they are going to work in the future. IIMT is also working with CII to develop a district development plan. Being a Green campus, we are making sure that we do not leave the carbon footprint on our environment and also thriving to achieve to create negative carbon footprints. As of now, ours is the only institute with all the above mentioned unique features and culture.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would love to work with Idea payments bank limited, which I think has huge growth potential by expanding into rural India and could help transform the rural remittances market. With simplified KYC and convenience, it can become a great platform to bring the benefits of banking to underserved communities. At the same time, it is also very challenging to reach these populations. It requires very meticulous segmentation, smart targeting and tailor-made products for the bottom of the pyramid, rural, unbanked and women. This would be a great opportunity to become a great marketer.

This article is written by Ghantasala Venkat Naga Chaithanya – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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