Nothing Short Of A Gurukul – NITIE

What makes NITIE unique – 

We believe that, it is the struggle to reach the temple is what makes a pilgrimage worthy of the blessings, has been around for a very long time. Heard about Vaishno Devi? – a 16km long trek to reach the shrine is what enhances the feeling of having earned the experience. NITIE is nothing short of a Gurukul, where the royal pupils were sent to study. We have our academic block at the epitome of the campus and climbing those 96 stairs to success every day to reach the classes while overlooking the expanse of the city of dreams, is no less than a daily pilgrimage to our temple of education.

NITIE, standing tall on hilltops of Powai, at a height of approx. 250ft (25 storied building), washed by Vihar Lake and Powai lakes on two sides, Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one, a smoke-free green campus, is not only a B School, it is an ecosystem.

Sitting in my hostel room at the 13th floor (out of 16, effectively 38th floor) gazing at the NITIE pond with the two mighty lakes in the backdrop and feeling the cold breeze holding my cup of coffee while I work on my laptop, feels like living in Ruskin Bond’s stories.

The best of the location is complemented by the best of faculties in the industry. NITIE takes learning out of the class to the streets through its one of a kind sales learning Initiative “Maha Mandi”. Maha Mandi over the years has helped NITIE and the students contribute to the society they are part of. It is recognized by the Ministry of HRD as a unique educational initiative to promote a social cause and NITIE was also awarded the ‘B-school Innovation Award ’09’ for conceptualizing the event. The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) has conferred the Innovative Pedagogy GOLD award to NITIE for its Maha Mandi method of learning.

Talking about our alumni presence in the FMCG industry, we have the second largest alumni network. Not only does the institute provide a chance for great learning opportunities but also has set a benchmark for the placements in the industry. Apart from the breathtaking views there is something unique about the B-school – NITIE is, if you call it, Moses for engineers, who guides them to their salvation, breaking all shackles of gender, under graduation, past CGPA etc. and commits to the creation of a brand of Techno-Managers that industry demands.

A B-school, which is famously known as the “Mecca of Supply Chain and Operations Management”. Understanding the need of the hour and being responsive is very important for any business-organization, institution or manager but only a few manage to change with time. NITIE anticipated what the market will need in the near future and introduced a one of its kind course called “Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management”, A sustainability-focused programme with emphasis on EHS along with Operations and General Management, PGDISEM is a course aligned to industry’s needs. It equips the students with the necessary expertise to manage industrial safety and environmental problems, thereby effectively paving the way for cleaner and safer industrial practices. NITIE is like the Nanda Parbat of DC universe, where the engineers of our nation are picked up, cut, shined, and polished like a diamond to illuminate the world. In true essence, NITIE is a master-craftsmen for engineers.

When the clouds shadow over the lakes and the mountains ..

The trees blush orange as they rise to kiss the heavenly drops..

Together they paint a beautiful picture of an everyday scene at NITIE in the monsoons!!

Life at NITIE .. Paradise 365 days a year! 


My Dream Company –

Every segment requires an insight into consumer’s mindset and an ability to forecast trends. However, fashion retail requires these qualities in their raw form. Hence, given an opportunity, I would like to work under the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. Having done theater has given me an insight into the importance of how a different look on stage can help build perception of a given character. Not only on stage, fashion defines you on a regular basis. ABG through its fashion and retail is helping Indians build their own identity, thus I believe that my raw competencies align closely with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd’s ideology of “Free-Expression”.