Observing The World – Through The MBA Lens

“Arey waah! I know this -The Professor spoke about this in the class!” was my reaction after looking at how and why the organization in which I am doing an internship is working in a certain way. As I reached the halfway milestone in this terrific journey of 2 years, I was reflecting about my learnings and perception about the world around me. I only realized that the lens through which I see the world changed dramatically.

The same route which I used to take to my office before me joining a B-school looks completely different now. Why is this advertisement placed here? Who are their target segments? How many lifts operate in my gigantic office building at a single point of time? How much to cook in the cafeteria per day per hour? How much incremental benefit I would get by using my car as a mode of transportation to my work? A series of questions in the MBA jargon follow after that.

I am able to see a lot of difference in my perception about an organization. I am now better off to figure out why some processes and systems are in place in an organization. For a matter of fact, I am now more used to rather like to call it an organization than a company. As an individual contributor in my previous organization, I used to do my work and get out. Thanks to all those Organization Behaviour courses, I now draw network maps, identify power players, understand politics (One key takeaway from a B school-Politics is not a filthy word!). I am now more tolerant towards diversity be it geographical or cultural or gender (For obvious reasons, I was always tolerant here even before:)) courtesy to extremely diverse batch at our college. My productivity has improved by ‘n’ times where ‘n’ tends to infinity (Exaggeration?! Just to make you understand that it is really a high number). All in all, I am now able to relate to our classmate Avradip’s observation that the world is slower than me. (Or probably we became faster :P)

Being very good in my academics since childhood, I was seen as one of the brightest minds amongst my relatives. But that twinkle in their eyes when they come to know that I am from an IIM is unique and worth a lot of pride for my parents! (For me too: P ;))

Thank You IIM Visakhapatnam!

Awaiting one more year of awesomeness!

Sai Aditya Velichety

PGP 2015-17

IIM Visakhapatnam