From Official Welcome To Freshers Party – When I Becomes We In IIM Visakhapatnam

The journey for me started on a cool and calm morning in Visakhapatnam, when my train arrived at the city of destiny, when you are being welcomed by the breeze coming from the sea after landing on the city of destiny, the financial capital of newly formed Andhra Pradesh.

At last, the time came for me.arrived at the PGP 1 hostel by passing through the beauty of the city. The hostels were far better than what the picture on the website made me perceive. After entering the hostel, I have boarded the train which will take 2 years to take me to the destination with lots of ups and downs. Now the first station comes which is termed as the official welcome by IIM V. We met some people there, who were going to be an important part of our life.

After that night, morning comes with a hectic schedule for the next 5 days. Now I can say that those were the most hectic part of my life on a continuous stretch, but definitely, those 5 days made 60 unknown people to a family of 60 people.

The Orientation process starts with a formal orientation and rules and regulations of PGP and how to approach studies for the next two years at IIM V by the esteemed professors of IIM Bangalore and in the evening we had a tryst with our beloved seniors, who have also helped us to prepare for the next two year in their own style which inculcated the harmony and unity inside all the 60 people and all of them became friends

Then comes the Team building practices outside the class room in an adverse situation and believe me people are keeping them in an uncomfortable position to make other comfortable. Everyone was there for each and every one. The end of the week i.e. Saturday comes. Seniors invited us for the fresher’s party and it was a life time experience, which can’t be convinced by one or two sentences in this article.

Towards the leg of the article, I would like to say the cohesiveness between the members of the family are increasing in a geometric progression and the last 15 days at IIM V were really an out of the box experience hope to cross all the hurdles with our family.

Bishal Patel

I am a student of PGP 1 in the IIM Visakhapatnam .who is a fresher and has believed in the potential of IIM V rather than trying for another CAT.and gradually my perceptions are becoming reality in the city of destiny