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Excitement? Really? Is that what I was supposed to feel? I guess not if you were in my shoes. Last semester examinations having ended on 10th June, they called me an engineer, B.Tech graduate and so on. I didn’t have my degree certificate yet and I was scheduled to leave for Bhubaneswar on 15th June to begin the journey to a new degree. Friends and family around were busy in packing and fetching farewell gifts for me. Staying out of my home; out of town for the first time: I knew they were not happy. Apprehension, nervousness or uncertainty? What was it? I could not figure out. With a mixture of emotions down inside, a smile and the belief that life is not about making right choices but choices right, I embarked on this MBA journey at XUB for two years which after a year turned out to be extremely fruitful.

June 2017- Longing for home on one hand and this new life away on the other initially kept me perturbed. The campus, however, is very lively and there is buzz always to cheer one up. Making friends was never a problem for me and here as well, I bonded with some and formed quite some good relations with my batch mates.

Things are much organised here at XUB. The induction programme designed for the incoming batch covers almost everything a student needs to know about the program and courses during his/her stay here. We had sessions with the Vice Chancellor, the dean, hostel in-charges, mess and residence secretaries who familiarised us with the mission and vision of the institute and various rules and regulations to be followed within and outside the campus. There were official sessions arranged with seniors, committees and executive bodies who took us on a tour of how campus life would be like for the next two years.

July 2017- The program schedule clearly outlines different courses. Classes soon ensued and we found ourselves in a sea of deadlines from the very beginning. Seniors here are very approachable and they guided us as mentors through the program, helping with presentations and assignments. That made work a lot easier. Student bodies here mostly handle affairs internal to the institute and involving students, thus different student committee launches also started for recruiting us, the first years, as shadows. All of this added to our responsibilities and made us only more capable of handling situations out of the way.

August 2017- Already neck deep in deadlines and committee tasks that we chose to be part of, it was time for companies to start hiring interns for the summer program. Apart from company processes and classes lined up, there were numerous case study competitions and quizzes held on a national platform which provided us opportunities to test our business mettle. We participated in several such competitions which helped us acquire skills and acumen and gain insights into the outlook of businesses, the issues troubling the market and possible solutions of the same.

September 2017- Two months into the program now, we started getting the actual flavour of the HR courses. The course outlines were so designed as to cover important HR dimensions and aspects, and also latest emerging trends that an HR professional needs to be aware of. XUB boasts of some extraordinary faculty who possess a deep understanding of different HR processes and practices as a result of years of industry experience. They mostly adopt an integrated experiential learning methodology inclusive of open discussion, cases addressing real-time problems and regular feedback in terms of quizzes and assignments whereby students can develop a holistic understanding of the HR domains.

October 2017- The beginning of the second term also marked the season of ongoing festivities including Diwali and Navratri. The best part of the experience with XUB is its great enthusiasm towards cultural festivals. The student bodies are active in organising get-togethers to celebrate these occasions which witness great participation from all students in the campus. For young people like us away from home, these gestures present a homelike feeling and give rise to fondness with the place. This is how the intimacy within XUB family kept growing until some lifetime friendships evolve.

November 2017- This month is extremely precious for the entire XUB family. Finally, it is time to host Xpressions’17, the annual B-school fest of XIMB|XUB. Under #ThisIsIt, the entire city geared up for the long-awaited event that is so close to our hearts, for which student volunteers put in efforts for more than four months. Xpressions witnessed a host of cultural extravaganza including a variety of cultural and business events that invited participation from renowned institutes from all across the country. Youngsters celebrated our culture, performing dance, song, drama, music and fashion parade while they displayed their business knowledge and skills through literary events, case study competitions, simulation and analytical games.

December 2017- Time flies and half a year passed by. When we sit for our second term examinations, all of this seemed to happen just yesterday. As the year-end drew nearby, it was also time to celebrate the biggest festival of the season, Christmas with great pomp and splendour. The campus was decked up with flashy lights, trees, stars and bells.

January 2018- The New Year brings a new term along with the end of the first year three months hence. Together with that, it brings new hopes and aspirations as well. It is time for seniors to pass on their responsibilities to juniors as they delve into nostalgia. We finally get opportunities to implement our learnings in the past six months in the best possible way to obtain results that match or surpass the expected standards of the institute.

Almost halfway through the MBA program, now when I sit back and reflect on my learning and experience, I see a complete change in my thought process and perspective. Contrast to my initial opinion, XUB taught me how to look at things and also life differently and tactfully. This course and campus prepare you to manage yourself first, then others and then finally any organisation but all within a set framework; a framework which only you define for yourself. Hence, this place teaches you the essentials of time management, prioritisation, ability to handle pressure without choking and meeting deadlines, all of which are prerequisites to becoming an able manager.

This is a place which can be treated as a step prior to a company whereby student creativity and innovation are fostered and we can take charge of their own activities and initiatives. XUB enables you to grow, develop and nurture the ability to plunge into the depths of situations, analyse various dimensions and instils confidence to make decisions right.

Sumana Saha

MBA HRM Ist year

Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubhaneswar is one of the most coveted B-schools in India. Established in the year 1987, XIMB is known for quality education in the field of Management and creation of future entrepreneurs. XIMB offers to its students three prestigious programmes; Business Management, Global MBA and Executive-MBA. 30 years and still going strong, XIMB strives to achieve its mission of making managers with a human face.