It’s OK To Be Different – A Take On Divergent Thinking

I was asked by my teacher to choose an animal, as part of the class. The Creature that came to my mind was a Unicorn. Yes, it is a fictional creature with a magical horn and the white pristine feeling of purity and grace associated to it. Little did I know the animal that I was asked to think about actually reflected our character as per the teacher and it struck me on a personal note. That is why, I would advise that let no Muggles get you down, It’s ok to be Different.

It is important that we realise the importance of Divergent Thinking, of expanding our horizons of conventional thinking. It is here that we can be original thinkers and trigger an avalanche of thoughts. In a classroom with different backgrounds, it is important that we be the devil’s advocate and have the thirst for knowledge.“Starve the ego, feed the soul”, it is important to have creativity as a tool, as when we are down it can be our magic wand. Be it writing or any other form of art it gives a lot of satisfaction and it is important when we pursue a  highly stressful course like MBA.

We are taught in a system where there is one right option among multiple choice questions. It does give us logical reasoning but the vision to think from an alternative and often conflicting perspectives is imperative when we do case studies. Here we evaluate the business decisions of Entrepreneur not just from a business point of view but also the passion, the opportunity cost and it is here where we develop a prism of thought. We can dissect the white light into the 7 colours through refraction, similarly untangling a case needs to touch the different touch points. Yet it is important to keep the single-minded solution-driven approach not to be lost in brainstorming stages as there is no dearth of ideas. We are managers after all hence the holy trinity of Logic, Creativity and Work Rate can give us an interstellar tesseract that can resurrect our purpose. The paths are many, yet we often take the one that is most familiar. It is important to venture into unfamiliar territory, or be “Beyond Enemies Lines”. It is this learning curve that makes us absorb the push and pull of a fast paced output driven culture.

It might be outstandingly insane to suggest to have an ice-breaking contest in an ice-breaking session. Yet, it is here that the thinkers diversify their options and create content that canvas the crazy, curious cravings of the multitude. For too long we have dwelled in a world of regurgitation and rote learning with the scales of marks, it’s time to unlearn these nuances by the inception of difference amongst the mediocrity!

Sharun Sanel

I am a continuum,yet constantly evolving over time.I love creativity,exploring the different facets of life like dancing,debate and writing.I worked as a Business Analyst in Accenture,before joining IMT. "Follow your Inner Moonlight,Don't Hide the Madness"