OLD Is GOLD And E-Waste Drive

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” Mahatma Gandhi 

The Social Responsibility Committee of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru, conducted the “OLD is GOLD” and “E-waste Drive” campaign during the month of October 2018.

The campaign was initiated on October 5th, 2018 with the rolling out of an e-mail giving the students of SIBM B a chance to be responsible towards the society and to play their parts for the greater good.

The mail encompassed details about the duration of the campaign and also on the particulars like what could be classified as collectibles for the campaign.

Things that could be donated: Usable blankets, bedding, clothing, shoes, bags, belts etc.

Things that could be recycled: All electronic items.

The students were encouraged to share usable blankets, bedding, clothing, shoes, bags, belts etc (OLD is GOLD) and electronic items that were not being used by the students and were lying idle. (E-waste Drive)

The collection process was carried out from 6th October to 15th October 2018. The committee members along with the housekeeping staff and campus administrator made sure everything went smoothly. The collection drive was a success as students actively made their contributions.

On 16th October 2018, the Symbiosis Bengaluru family gathered all the collectables and went on to donate these to GOONJ, Bengaluru to make a difference to society with this small contribution.

GOONJ uses these under-utilised and excess urban household material as a tool for rural development across 23 states in the country. It recycles old clothes, for instance, Old jeans are turned into school bags, cotton fabric is used in making sanitary pads or quilts. Thus, by creating a new use for cloth, its value as a resource goes up.

It thus aims to bring an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance and dignity between cities and villages. It believes that everyone has a stake in this collective responsibility. The basic idea is to start the culture of regular and dignified giving. To work for the receiver’s dignity instead of the donor’s pride.

We, at Symbiosis, are in complete accordance with the same belief. Such simple acts of charity might not mean much to the giver but can certainly make easier the lives of the unfortunate or the underprivileged. It is but the upliftment of the weaker counterparts of our society that actually brings prosperity to the economy as a whole. Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much.

SIBM Bengaluru

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