Om Parvat Trek – An Everlasting Adventure

Situated in the Uttarakhand state of India this place called the Om Parvat is ideally located in incredible surroundings and is considered sacred by the Hindus. The deposition of the mountain resembles the ‘OM’ of the Hindus and so its religious believes have increased in this place. The place is regarded as divine and you will experience spirituality and immense satisfaction as you complete the trek.

The magical splendor

The magical splendor of the mountains of the Annapurna and the restless and majestic Kali river and of course the thick forest that you simply cannot miss and last but not the least is the exciting and grandeur of Narayan Ashram that comprises of wild exotic flowers that are rare. Get a taste of the unique fruits here that grow only here and you will love it. A number of waterfalls along the trek will help you get great pics to show your friends. Apart from this here lies the Parvati Lake and the Jonglingkong Lake and are considered sacred as well.

The real trek to Om Parvat

The trek can take more than a week to complete and all those who truly want to reach the peak of the OM Parvat Trek can successfully complete the trek with its mesmerizing pathways and surroundings. Various places are covered during the trek that is thoroughly enjoyable and gives you space to admire the surroundings and the natural beauty that is spread all around you. Trekking here is not rough and you can complete the trek with your friends or relatives or your family as well. There are various spots here that are unlike anywhere else and you will love the time and energy that you have spent to come here.

Enjoy the trek

Arriving at Kothgodam you will be reaching Dharchula, which is a nice picturesque place and an ancient trading town as well. The drive is pleasant and you will enjoy the scenic surrounding. The trek includes stay and meals and you will have a comfortable stay here. Bundi will be the nest destination to trek and this is also a green valley that comprises of waterfalls and greenery everywhere. It’s a steep trek here. The next stop will be to Gungi that will welcome you with wild flowers on the road and also provide a grand view of Mountain Annapurna and similar peaks. This is a thrilling trek towards Kalapani that you will reach after an interesting trek. The river is named after the Kali temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali. Take a closer look at the Vyas Gufa where the Maharishi Vyas is believed to have resided here. You will later reach your destination that is the OM Parvat which is fascinating and the marked “OM” that signifies Hinduism is too obvious and one simply cannot miss it. The ‘Darshan’ of the mountain will totally make you feel blessed and worth every minute of it.

Return home refreshed

Befriend the mountains and you will experience sheer joy. The everest base camp trek on completing will definitely make you feel charged up and get ready for another one for the next vacation. The way back is interesting too and you will definitely feel more charged up and geared up to go back the route that encompasses of enchanting mountains, snow capped mountains, the pristine air, and the rough terrain that gives you a good feel of the earth below. The whole experience is unforgettable because it is nothing like you have back home. It is just pure nature without the pollution, traffic chaos, the crowd, or the mad rush to get somewhere.