On Being A CR – MDI

Before coming to MDI, I used to be an introvert who liked to stay in his comfort zone and preferred working alone than working in a team. Just like the saying goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth” I preferred doing things my own way. Even when I worked in committees for college fests I used to take up an independent role and fully involved myself with that particular role without thinking about the overall picture. Coming to MDI, I discovered something which contradicts my preconceived notions. The B-school culture has an air of ecstasy about it which brought out the extrovert out of me. I started initiating conversations, interacting and socializing with people and there on became so popular that I ran for the class representative elections and won. After becoming the class representative, I could no longer resolve to my old method of taking up independent roles. I had to manage my whole batch. I realized the importance of working in teams, delegating tasks and including people to make contributions accordingly. It may be true that “too many cooks spoil the broth”, but when one is managing a big team you need helping hands and one can never aspire to be a good leader unless one delegate and does not micromanage. I organized a sports and creativity event KOK- King of Kings wherein I planned the budget for my section, allocated them under the necessary overheads and then organized teams to carry out the different events, thereby providing immense experience and learning on how to be able to manage people successfully. As someone who aspires to be a successful HR manager one day, I believe my learning through this experience can go a long way in equipping me with the appropriate skill set.


One ABG brand that I would like to work with is More which comes under Aditya Birla Retail Limited. More is a brand of supermarket chain with about 590 supermarkets and 23 hypermarkets across the country. More is a versatile brand owing to the range of products it has to offer from fruits & vegetables to fashion & accessories to home care products and many more. Just like More, I consider myself also to be quite versatile. From being an instrumentation engineer who has worked on a number of innovative projects for my organization to an event management enthusiast who has organized events, fests and industrial visits for his batch to a music enthusiast and a dilettante guitarist who has a certification from the Berklee College of Music to someone who also like to indulge in smartphone photography (mainly candid and landscape photography). I believe I’m a person who likes to work towards something which he really believes in and More as a brand I can associate myself with. Hence, I would like to work with More and contribute to making it the No. 1 supermarket chain in India.