The One On Business Communication – NITIE

It was the first class of the morning, “Business Communication” by Dr. Upasna A. Agarwal. I usually look forward to her classes as there is always something interesting going on in her class. That morning, she came and handed all of us a sheet of paper with a list of adjectives to describe a person. The exercise was divided into three segments. In the first part, each of us had to select ten adjectives that describe us the best. After that, we had to pair with up someone, share a significant incident with that person, and choose ten adjectives describing that person, based on his/her story. Finally, we had to pair up with someone we know well, tell him or her our deepest fear, and select ten adjectives that best describe that person, based on what he or she shared. Phew!!! Sound complicated, right? I thought the same too, at first. However, during the exercise, I realized that I have really introspected much. In between all the number-crunching and facts, you sometimes tend to lose the human touch. This exercise made me think about myself, and also about the people I paired up with. Sharing personal stories and anecdotes about ourselves helped us form a connection, in a very short span of time. It gave me a perspective of how others perceive me, and what I should do, in order to be the best version of myself. This exercise taught me that in order to work with people and co-exist in a competitive environment, you have to understand and appreciate the people around you. The best part of this exercise was the fact that something so simple can be so profound. In just a short  span of time at one of the most prestigious B-schools in the country, this experience really touched me and it is something I hope to carry with me for a long time.

Which ABG company would you want to want to work for and why?
The ABG company I would love to be a part of is Ultratech Cement Ltd. Ultratech Cement Ltd. is the largest manufacturer and exporter of cement in India. So, being from a Construction Engineering background, it would be the ideal fit for me, as I would get to apply my engineering knowledge as well as the skills and learnings that I garner in NITIE. It would give me an opportunity to engage with the who’s who of the infrastructure and the cement industry.