The One With The Design Thinking Workshop – Anirudh Doranala, IIM Indore

The best classroom experience I would say was the Design Thinking workshop that we attended during Term-III.

Design thinking is basically a tool for solving any problem in an innovative and more user centric approach. It is a process which is quite contrast to the traditional practice of thinking before designing. In this process we design prototypes, test them in the market to understand their strengths and limitations as perceived by the users and then come up with innovative solutions.

We were supposed to work in groups for this particular course. So, a group consisting 8 people was formed and the problem we were supposed to work on was related to fitness of students at IIM Indore. We found that lots of people in our campus do not make use of gym facility which is provided at no cost. We were asked to find a probable solution to this problem using design thinking.

The first step was to find out the actual reason for students not using gym. We walked around the campus and started interviewing people. We recorded their responses and through their insights we found out that lack of peer group was the major reason why most of the students were not using gym or any sport facilities in the campus. We, as a group were quite surprised by this as we could never think such reason for people not turning out at the gym facility.

The second step was that we had to come up with various ideas to address the issue. We came up with various ideas and it was all fun sharing our ideas with one another. After giving a thought about what all probable alternatives we could have for this problem, we arrived at a solution which was installation of biometric devices at gym and all sport facilities and connecting them through an application which the students can download on their mobiles. This will help the student to know who all are there in each of these facilities and the problem of peer group can be eliminated.

The third step was to build a prototype for the proposed solution. This is the most fun part of the entire exercise as we had to use sketch pens, chart papers, pins, stickers and all other stationery which reminded us of our good old school days. Next, we had to test our solution and so we went around the campus again, this time with prototype, and pitched in the solution to students and asked for their inputs. Finally, we had to incorporate the inputs suggested and finalize the solution and present it to the entire section.

Through this course I learnt that what we actually think is the source of any problem need not be a problem at all. And at times, all these sources seem to be so trivial that we actually tend to ignore them. I also found out that we should never be satisfied with any kind of solution proposed until it is tested out in the market.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The important things that I look for in any role are Practical approach towards work, Proper work-life balance and Career growth. I want to be in a role where my learning can contribute to the goals and objectives of the business. I feel Aditya Birla Group, is in a matured phase to provide such roles than many other companies. I would love to join Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as this business deals with apparel which I give a lot of importance in my daily routine.

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