One month at IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus !

“One day, I will wake up at an IIM” used to be my consoling statement for all those sleepless nights I used to have toiling hard with my books. Since it has been a month now, I pen down my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (chuckling; I thought of using this word at least once in life, and I feel that this is the right moment) experiences at IIM Indore-PGP Mumbai.

Though it was a short mail from IIM Indore-PGP Mumbai office, it was a bang to my heart “Hurray!! I made it!” is how I shouted. India’s prestigious management institute which is also located at the financial capital is in any case a stupendous combination. What else can an MBA aspirant who is interested in knowledge, networking, entertainment and career building look for? But they are offering much more which I have already come to know and a lot is definitely in store for me.

We received assignments even before we could have our tea break at the Inauguration Ceremony. Before I could digest my lunch, we were informed about the class at 6 p.m. which had to be attended only with the full analysis of the given assignment. Ironically, it was compulsory to attend it. This gave me a clear picture of the academic rigor that I will have to face at Mumbai campus.

I was carried away by the panoramic view of the Panvel creek and the super cool weather Mumbai had maintained to welcome us, adding to that the infrastructure which is brand new and encrypted with our senior’s synergy to making it all the more salubrious. It is Wi-Fi enabled with air conditioners in place and also facilitated with a bonny cafeteria. It might sound as a basic necessity to all but for a campus which has us as the 4th batch, having its own “smart” campus means a lot. Also, evidently the college has succeeded in making great managers for the future as most of the facilities are student driven with adequate support from the administration.

My first lesson at Mumbai campus was to maintain punctuality and the concept of “siddhimoolam prabandhanam” i.e. Root of all achievements is Management; we had to manage our time, our studies, our health and most importantly the quick naps that we hardly manage to have.

Thanks to the adeptness of the professors, my motto of knowledge attainment has strengthened further. The lectures are focused on case based learning thus giving us a one and a half (yes! Not second) if not firsthand experience of what industries are like. More so, we work in groups formed with people we hardly know; a perfect simulation of how our initial days at work will be. I enjoy the privilege given to speak out opinions, debate constructively with fellow students’ views and proposing possible solutions.

Learning is just one side of coin, with enthusiastic students around, unlearning is what I began to adapt in my life style.

At Mumbai campus, day and night has lost its distinction as it is glowing round the clock with participants engaged in understanding new concepts (Fantasy premier league) and sharing thoughts (pressure indeed!).

My sudden shift from corporate work environment to sitting for hours in classes made me wearisome but it has already dwindled away. We received a warm welcome from seniors followed by a fun filled fresher’s party where senior-junior relationship revamped as friendship. Be it in campus or outside the campus, entertainment and fun never took a back seat. We went for bracing marine drive, engaged in exploring night life at Mumbai and what not!

Recently, selection process for committees and clubs began with truly business style pitching- Short and crisp, informing everything required and making sure that it isn’t boring.

I am still not able to digest the fact that I have already completed a month, that I wake up to my dream everyday; don’t know whether the yellow metallic edged white dial watch is moving fast or the world!
Seepana Pavan

PGP-Mumbai (Batch of 2015-17)

IIM Indore

IIM Indore Mumbai Campus

The younger extension of IIM Indore, located in the busy and happening city of Mumbai - we are a group of up and coming managers living in the city of dreams.



sasi kanth

Pavan, Please Keep your Feelings With You :p
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Believe Me, This article will surely act as the best inspiration for evey IIM aspirant 🙂
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