One Step Closer: Cracking The HRM & LR GD-PI, TISS Mumbai

Once you get to know that you will be travelling to Mumbai to appear for PIT (Pre Interview Test)/PI (Personal Interview) of TISS, Mumbai, you desperately search on google to get magical tips to crack it. In reality, the only magic tip is that you cover all your bases before you reach Mumbai.

You will get a form once the dates of your interview are declared. Known as the Detailed Application Form (DAF), it will have two parts: one will be your basic information like your name, address, work experience etc; and the second part will be about why you intend to apply to the said course. The second DAF is more crucial for you as it will be instrumental during the interview.

Last year, the PIT of HRM&LR consisted of an essay of about 15 minutes which was immediately followed by a GD on the same topic. The pattern can change this year or it may remain the same. The topic for GD may range from social issues to HR to any current event. There is ample reading material available on the internet and if you are among those few who read a newspaper regularly then you can just read your own notes of the newspaper.

For the group discussion, you should cement the statement in your mind that “It is not just the quantity but also the quality of your discussion that will get you through this round.” It does not matter if you could speak for only three times in a 20-minute GD. What really matters is what value you added to the discussion. Did you bring in a fresh perspective or did you bring the discussion back on track when it lost the direction or did you bring any structure to GD?

While in GD, ensure that your body posture is good, your decibel levels are medium, you sound confident but not arrogant and you don’t regularly cut short someone. One small trick for any GD is to do a PESTLE analysis i.e. Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental analysis. You can also add international and ethical perspective to the topic. Try to link the topic with any recent example.

Now, once you are done with PIT round, you will be called for interview after some time the same day. Ensure that your attire is in good condition so that you don’t attract any undue negative attention. There will be some common questions which are asked in an interview like Why HR, TISS etc. Be thoroughly prepared with these answers and please be genuine. When you give authentic answers, you speak them with confidence and you have readily available answers for any cross-questioning.

The interview questions can also be based on the answers you provide in the DAF form and if the panel feels any inconsistency in what you are speaking and what you have written, you will lose marks. Just think thoroughly what you feel about the question and genuinely answer the question. Be very thorough with your work experience (including how the organization was in terms of employee relations and HR) or if you are a fresher then with some important subjects of your graduation or post-graduation. When you are in the interview room, do not.

A crucial aspect of preparation is to do it with a cool head. It is humanly impossible to know all the answers. In such a case, tell the panel clearly that you do not know the answer. Also, please ensure that you do not lie or guess. If you want to guess, ask the panel for permission politely.

The last advice for the interview is that do not doubt your capabilities. This could be your first GD or interview too, but do not let that be a cause of worry. Everyone has their moment of glory, this interview could be yours,

All the Best.

About the Author

Mukul Sharma, first-year student of HRM & LR, TISS Mumbai is a Cricket Enthusiast who loves to read about international politics. He dreams to be an influence on society and economy for the greater good.


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