Operation D-Day – #7DaysToCAT

It’s high time that you gear up – in the perfect way – for the D-Day as it’s just 7 days away. Studying concepts, practicing hard for days and nights and giving mock tests would have already given you a good grip for CAT. But not utilizing these last 7 days to the best of your ability might pull you back from your targeted goal. And when you have just so much to recap and revise, managing this precious time becomes essential. Remember, if you cannot manage time, you cannot manage anything. If you are a person who can never stick to your time, try being before time – trust me, it really helps!

The months-long hard-work for CAT would go in vain if not properly revised. The revision comes up with a lot many things. It is not only the formulae which you need to recollect and remember, but you also need to glance through all the problems which were once tricky and ‘not-so-easy’ for you. Just the way you gradually increased your difficult levels during preparations, follow the same sequence while gearing up for the final day. This will not only help you recollect at a faster rate but also boost your confidence level with every page you turn. So many decisions- a million revisions!

The studies and the researchers claim that cats are one of the best companions who are a huge support during difficult times. So keep this upcoming CAT with you as your best escort to feel motivated when you lay the groundwork for the remaining days. Strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Identify what is perfectly alright for you and what can you boost to make things just flawless. Make sure you are in a position to decide if a question will promote your score with plus three or present you a minus one.

Also, what matters the most is how you see yourself. The foundation of all the great successes and achievements lies in ‘Self Belief’. No matter how much syllabus you have covered, say a YES to yourself confidently and make every step with a rule – I can do it!

And if you believe that you have already achieved your best, ensure that you know that this world is full of unexpected things. Try connecting the dots between various concepts and segments, get an association between them and to your surprise, you will realize that your best was much more elevated than what you knew.

Finally, on the day when it is expected from you to showcase your hard work, GET UP and simply PRESENT – after all, this is what is expected from the future MBA Graduates. Keep things Calm and Relax!

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