Organising the Golf Cup: An experience

IIM Shillong’s Golf Cup Season 8 culminated successfully on November 8. The annual B-school tournament was hosted over November 7-8, and saw participation from over 100 pioneering golfers, cutting across government, academia, and industry. The tournament, first of its kind for any business school in India, is a unique and well woven event which facilitates industry- academia participation and encourages professionals to “Look East”. The event this year, like in the previous years was hosted with great fanfare, with a series of pre events like the Plenary session, “Run for Shillong” marathon to name a few. As part of the student committee involved in organising the event, I was reaking in different emotions at distinct times; anxiety, excitement, exhaustion, but as I look back, the overpowering feeling has been that of satisfaction and joy.

Needlessly to say, that it was the aim of the organising body to hold the event smoothly and effortlessly, but there was a lot of sweat and hard work put into it. The students endured sleepless nights, shorter finger nails, hectic weeks of balancing class and work and frenzied preparation to make the tournament a resounding success. We were involved in a plethora of tasks, juggling activities, looking after operations at the golf course, on one end and handling finances and back end documentation on the other. The detailing and the multiplicity of tasks accomplished by each of us is probably the best management education and on the job learning one can have.

Organising the event was not all glitz though, we had our share of challenges. From understanding the nitty-gritties of the game of golf, to making every effort to make the guest feel warm and hospitable, the months leading to the event were bizarre and surreal. Organising the event felt like “Walking towards the heat” and feeling the burn every day, but each day was worth it.

My lasting memory will be of the greens, the exhilarating sound of the golf club hitting the golf ball; the image of the ball climbing over the golf club, against the backdrop of the clear blue sky, appreciating the beauty of the arc of the shot, watching the winning golfer celebrate, holding aloft the trophy. It indeed was job well done!


                                                                              Author: Bhagyashree Kedia

              A first year PGDM student and also a member of the Student Council of IIM Shillong

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