Through Others We Become Ourselves – MDI

‘Through others we become ourselves.”

― Lev S. Vygotsky

It is a fact that interacting with others develops one’s higher mental skills which enables him to think critically, to problem solve and to reflect. At MDI, you experience it every minute. In a campus packed with motivated people, who face similar challenges, one realizes the significance of people and ideas around him. While sometimes it may happen that one feels overshadowed by peers, the culture at MDI, the MDI family, makes that feeling vanish away in a jiff.

To give a sense of what is written above, let me describe a usual day at MDI. The day begins usually at around 7:30 with the hostel hustle, with a few people skipping their baths to prepare for the classes. As soon as you enter the lecture hall, there is a very good chance that you will find the faculty there before time, setting up for the class and ready to inspire you. The lectures will inevitably keep you engaged and the faculty makes sure that you are kept tied up with the subject after you leave the lecture hall ( with assignments of course..sigh..). I believe the engines of Mandevian’s are set to full throttle as soon as the sun sets. It boils down to one’s priorities after 5:30 PM. Those who wish to indulge in physical endeavors find solace in playing their favorite sport, others seek shelter in the realm of the MDI library that boasts of having state of the art infrastructure that gives the necessary solitude required to indulge in intellectual activity. Enter 8:30 PM, the time when the Mandevian rushes to the Hostel mess to procure food, the resource that he desperately needs to see the long night through. Even while the Mandevian is on “charging”, one can hear the case discussions flaring up from each table. 11:00 PM, stress levels start to escalate. The realization of deadlines of submission, the looming club responsibilities, the pending group meetings, the incomplete assignments, the mandatory pre-reads to survive in forthcoming lectures, all starts to encircle the fearless Mandevian who braces each challenge with poise and rigor. It is these challenges that help him make a better version of himself, that help him prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.  I believe it is this rigor, which makes myself an apt fit for ABG’s Idea cellular. The ongoing war in the cellular industry needs a warrior spirit, which is instilled in each one of us.