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My story is segmented into 2 parts – 

  • Troubles I am facing during my test preparation
  • How I am trying to overcome my troubles during preparation

Troubles I am facing during my test preparation:

As I am not working so naturally I have financial problem as well as I have to prepare for my MBA entrance exams with full focus; and this time, I am in do or die situation at least for my entrance exams because this is my last chance this year as I cannot afford next year for my exams.

Most difficult problem is not that which I stated above. My biggest problem is people that surround me – my relatives and some friends. Whenever I tell them that I am preparing for CAT, XAT, NMAT exams for MBA, then I don’t understand how they can predict my future with 100% accuracy. Are they Gods or even more than Gods? Their 100% prediction is that I will not crack CAT. Even I crack CAT, then I will not crack interviews.

My sweet relatives and sweet surrounding people think that IIMs or top colleges like JBIMS, XLRI, SP Jain are only for geniuses and not for the average engineers like me, and I am only wasting my time.

I never ask them for advice; however, they always ready to give an advice, not only to me but also to my parents. Then, a big Mahabharata starts in between my parents and me.

I will have to write at least 5000 words article to explain to you how I convinced my parents for MBA preparation and leaving my job (part-time job).

Why I am telling you all this is because only I know how much they (friends & relatives) torch me, but I am determined to do what I want in my life and I am not a gadha (fiancée of Kareena Kapoor in 3 idiots movie) because I realized that I am not a good engineer and I want to do well in my life, and I have figured out that MBA from the top college will give me the opportunity to do the best things in my life. Admission into a top MBA college will help me to achieve what I want in my life.

One thing I want to tell all MBA aspirants like me – If you want best then learn from the best.

How I am trying to overcome my troubles during preparation:

For the next 6 months, I am going to completely avoid all those friends and relatives who are troubling and discouraging me. They really don’t care about me and their only aim is to insult me. My advice is to avoid such people.

Only your mother, sister, brother, father and very few people care about you and you must care them in return and the rest are hopeless.

For preparation point of view, I am strong in mathematics since my childhood and my verbal section is improving day by day as I am reading a lot these days, and I am struggling only with DI-LR. I still have to figure out my cat DI LR section.

For the exams like NMAT and SNAP, LR-DI section is easy and just regular practice is enough to master this section.

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