Overcoming Challenges-TAPMI

Part B. How you overcame challenges to achieve your ambitions in life so far?

Having been brought up in a small town of a state with lowest HDI in the country, Bihar. I have had a first-hand experience of how bad management skills can lead to bad governance thus affecting lives of lakhs of people across generations .The challenges thrown by my home state and the town where I belong shaped the goals of my life. With a negligible private sector and meagre growth opportunities for youth, I realised early that I need to excel in management at both personal and professional level to make the most out of resources and opportunities provided to me.

 I received my primary education in a Catholic Convent. Still today I am in awe of this institution which is completely managed and run by women in such a location. It was here I received my first lessons on women’s rights, education, equality and the importance of women to stand independent for the society to grow. With the focus on holistic development and constant encouragement from both parents and Sisters in school I competed in different competitions, took many responsibilities as a student and got involved in many charity drives and fundraisers. I continued the same and participated in various CSR activities during my experience in the corporate.

Inspired by technological advancements across globe, I decided to opt for Computer Science Engineering course and challenge myself for a successful career in the corporate world. Even during my undergraduate studies I always had an inclination towards the business aspect and real time implementation of my technical skills to real world projects. One of such projects was an android application which could provide financial independence to homemakers across the city.

In addition the opportunity to work as a Software Engineer for 2 years was a stepping stone in my journey.I got the opportunity to experience the holistic view of how an MNC functions. I did various industry related training and implemented my knowledge in the projects assigned. I also worked on my interpersonal skills which helped me to deal with my overseas clients on day to day basis. I realised that my resolve to grow at an organisational level cannot be fulfilled with my technical knowledge and experience alone. I had very little knowledge on how the flow of business actually takes place within the organisation.

Also, I felt myself to be more attracted to towards the administrative roles in the corporate and I realised I lack other skillsets of management. Hence, to bridge the gap between my technical expertise and other aspects of organisational management, I decided to equip myself with a management degree and enter a management career. Hence, today I stand tall as a proud TAPMIAN.

Akaanksha Verma

I am Akaanksha Verma a PGP-1 student in TAPMI