What Goes On In The Minds Of Our Classmates During An MBA Lecture

If only real-life came with thought bubbles! Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of your classmates during a lecture? We bring you a light-hearted take on this situation.

InsideIIM brings to you a light-hearted and a humorous take on a typical morning at MISB Bocconi. It is our alternative interpretation of one morning. Watch the video below :


Ever wondered what happens in one of the top b-schools? What do the students at MISB Bocconi do the whole day? Are the students just like you? What do they think while they are in class? Are their dreams as big as the campus they’re in? Is the dream similar to yours?  What is cost benefit analysis?  Possible to apply that for your date?

A day in the life of an MISB Bocconi student in less than 2 minutes. See the beautiful campus of MISB and their students through our eyes. Meet the hungry and lost souls and tell us if you can relate to them in the comments.


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