A Page From An MDI Student’s Diary – The One On PlaceComm

I have been writing (typing) a diary since day 1 and here is a page on one particular incident I experienced with the PlaceComm. I acknowledge that I put my career at stake by sharing this but I know that deep inside, Placecommers are nice people… [Disclaimer – Language has been modified to suit readers of all ages and categories]


12:30 pm

It’s been a relaxing and productive weekend and I love Mondays now. We have just one session and that is marketing. Kapil Sir’s class. Quite interesting. Akshay and Diksharth danced as well.

The day before, we had our CV submission and proof verification. We also had the accounts assignment submission. All finished well before time. Then something interesting happened. I was at the library at around 11 pm (I had actually spent almost all my weekend there and it’s a good place. Like the study hall and newspapers and all) when I see messages on the group asking for me. I was quite flummoxed and while I was processing what is happening, someone called and with a tone of sheer urgency asked me to go an meet the PlaceComm in the same room where I had my verification. That’s why the urgency.

I was more flummoxed because my verification had gone smooth and I couldn’t think of a reason as to why I am being called. While in my tracks, t-shirt and slippers, I hurried to Gurukul room 13. Outside people were pretty curious/bothered and I couldn’t satisfy their itch because I was clueless myself. As I entered, the Placecommer who looks good (let’s call him A) came in and asked me to come back in smart casuals. I hurried to my room. Gunjan, Pankaj and others had ordered from Dominos and I was like “Guys? Really? Without me? What the hell?” Anyways, I quickly changed, had a garlic breadstick, half a slice of a veg pizza and walked real fast to see the PlaceComm. A asked me to sit for 5 mins and think why have I been called. I thought of 2 reasons –

a) My CV wasn’t submitted in the right format

b) My calculated graduation CGPA was 7.93 but I wrote 7.90 in the form

After some time he called me and said something along the lines of “Are we dumb here to take care of this?”…

I had forgotten my 10th std mark sheet there, after verification. That’s all.

I am impressed with the sheer authority and sort of fear they have instilled in our hearts; students who come from different age groups, diverse experiences and whatnot live in fear. Pankaj and Gunjan were hysterical when they learnt about the event and I was just laughing. One heck of an evening.

Well, the remnant of the night was fun with a lot of talks. Joy, Mayank, Suyash and I, later joined by Abbas were having random conversations. And then a lot of others accompanied us to Sharma’s. I don’t like the food there much but Mishti Doi!!! Crazy dessert.

However, the rest of the night was enervating because it was damn hot and I barely slept for 3 hours.

Anyways I am not as sleepy now and got to prepare for the Incendo as well.

So until next time!

P.S. A month in and this place has already given me a lifetime of memories. As I learn and grow here, I hope to get in Godrej as a Marketeer, regardless of the segment and core job. This. Is. Exciting.