A Paradise In Mumbai – NITIE

The National Institute of Industrial Engineering was established in 1963 with the assistance of United Nations Development Project. Through its journey of fifty five years, a lot has changed in and around the campus, except for the green lush green forests and the towering trees that shower a kiss of love from mother nature. Located in the heart of the financial capital of India, one would imagine a B-school to be surrounded by concrete high rises, but that definitely is not the case at NITIE. As the campus is built on a sprawling sixty three acres, it finds itself flanked on two sides by the beautiful Powai and Vihar Lakes and shares it bounds with the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Naturally, spotting a leopard or two isn’t a very rare occurrence. NITIE also has its very own pond which students call NITIE Sarovar, and a lot of budding entrepreneurs have found their million dollar idea at the pond. The fifteen floor skyscraper hostel, Taylor Hall in NITIE squashes all the above claims. Quaintly embracing the skyscraper culture of Mumbai, this behemoth of a building is the tallest B-School hostel in India, and the result of that is the spectacular and picturesque views that students wake up to. Located on a hilly terrain, NITIE has its very own unique fitness program woven into academics. The journey from our hostels to the classrooms encompass the very famous ninety six stairs that students climb on the way to their lectures. Over time, these stairs have been named as the “96 steps to success”.

The campus of NITIE is nothing without its students, faculty and administration alike. Exams, assignments, events or games, the campus is always buzzing with activity round the clock. From formal business meetings to casual late night tea patrols, NITIE has it all. Driven by technology and innovation, students have designed and managed numerous projects to improve quality of life, reduce carbon footprint, and make life easy in their own campus. Curtained from the hustle of the busy city life, one can definitely be at peace, and connect from within.

NITIE with its lush greenery and a pond of its own, situated in the heart of Mumbai is a pleasant surprise of a paradise, and without any doubt is referred by one and all to be “God’s own Campus”.

Which Aditya Birla Company I would like to work for?

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. is one of the dream companies for anyone who loves to work with supply chain management. Fashion supply chain management is characterized by an increasing global competition and pressure to improve product quality and respond quickly to changing customer needs with shortened product lifecycles. ABFRL being an umbrella organisation houses the most sought after apparel with a loyal customer base of 6.5 million. To manage such magnanimous quantities and ensure the best quality practices is an achievement in itself, and there is no better place to learn and lead.

– Vaibhav Hirawat

NITIE Mumbai Placement Committee

Placement Committee, NITIE Mumbai