A Pastiche, The Ritz, A Yogi, And The Twin – Crazy Batchmates At IIM Indore

The Pastiche:

The modern rendition of the Thinker (at least in photos) and the resident expert at-looking-in-the-distance-with-fake-intense-concentration-poses, I give you Mr. A.

With every word out his mouth aimed at hilarity, he’s a personification of the term ‘pastiche’*. From the perfect Shashi Tharoor imitation for class presentations to channelling the 80’s vibe with his clothes and music, he is a man of many moods, each expressed in the wackiest ways possible.

While some might find his humour crude and sexist (can imagine a lot of eyebrows rising at this one), his art subtly delineates cultures (The Typical Delhi Chu culture) where the same is normalized. Not only does he make us laugh, he makes us think as well.

The Ritz:

Classy and chic, the unanimous title holder of the Miss Best Dressed, Ms R. had the privilege of being my pseudo roomie (not sure she agreed on the part about it being a privilege)

Always on top of the current fashion trends, this petite lady manages to look perfectly put together at all times. She follows a personal policy of never leaving the room without taking a bath, which quite frankly, in uni-culture is very rare.

(*Grunts of reluctant agreement from all the boys who have adopted their tracks as their staple and only clothing item*)

Her discipline extends to her eating habits  (regular meals at the mess, my mum worships her) as well as her academics.

The Yogi:

His discipline and penchant for goodness blow everyone else out of the water. Speaking of the latter, it was his gentle reminder, kindly sent out in email format, which has me writing this article down.

The ideal kid, wakes up in the morning, does yoga and pranayama and eats healthy no matter what. Begins every conversation with “Namaskaram”; and brings tears of joy in the eyes’ of every parent.( It’s no wonder he had three marriage proposals already at the very young age of 20.)

The Twin:

The end of the article brings us to my favourite person on campus, my best friend.

Labelled as the twin, this girl can and will relate to almost anyone she has a conversation with.( Which explains the long line of people who claim her as their best friend. Rest assured, my claim is very valid and very mutual :P)

With keys to every shop in campus (she’s somehow managed to work for all the right clubs and committees) an eidetic memory, and the magic ability to make everything instantly better, she’s the best person to have by your side.

Amazing at writing, elocution and Kathak, this is a woman of many talents.

The company I wish to work for is ABFRL. The vibrant collection and product range will be a constant motivation and the workplace will provide me with a place to express my creativity and intellectual stimulation.

* A pastiche is where an art form or a culture is celebrated, rather than berated like in parodies.

– Mehak Mendiratta

IIM Indore Placement Committee

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Indore