Pathway To God’s Own Kampus – IIM Kozhikode

Standing at the entrance of IIM Kozhikode, staring at the statue of Arjuna, ready with a stringed bow and arrow aiming at the sky with the beautiful green carpet covered mountains and endless blue skies as background, I remember the day, I stepped out of the train, nervous and excited, with my dad, proud and a lot more luggage than I could carry. The journey of 18kms from station to the campus with mesmerising beauty of Kerala enriched with slow rains, compelled me to fall in love with the place. We reached our target to find uniformed men ready to welcome and guide us to our respective hostel. Stepping outside of the taxi was a new me, energised and eager to meet my colleagues, the main entities of the two coming years.

Away from the bustle of the city, surrounded by beautiful scenes and scenarios, IIMK Campus stands upright on two hills. A perfect place for photographers and lovers. With the architecture resembling a resort and the atmosphere romantic, I feared how I was going to concentrate on studies. But my perception was wrong. During Inauguration Ceremony, on the first day, I realised that, it is a campus brimming with young people with ideas, energy, dreams and fancy plans for the future. Meeting different students and relating with them I took the first step to make the campus my home.

On the third day, probably the last day of leisure, we received our books, and the time table for the semester was ready with classes starting on 3rd July. The feel and smell of fresh paper prescribed with names of different subjects rejuvenated the curiosity to learn inside me. Going through the material, some black and white, some colourful with attractive pictures, made me nostalgic. Next day I was ready, dressed in smart casuals and bag packed with books, to meet the professors and their pedagogy. I entered the class to find my name on my desk. It is the first nameplate I have ever had in my life. I took my place and embraced all the learnings of the day.

Along with the routine classes, the committee selection also started, making the day hectic. With many single and group tasks, I started developing myself. Different functions and parties also started taking place, and time management became the key to enjoy everything. And on the first August, set in the fear of Midterms. Everyone was excited to appear in first examinations at the new college and the atmosphere shifted to a studious one. With the library crowded with students, the preparation started. The nights were long, preparing notes and reading materials, and the sleep short. And night canteens became the discussion spot.

But now exams are over and the stress less. Through all these days with sacrosanct deadlines of 23:59:59, assignments, projects, committees, late night studies, group discussions, desperate class participation, making new friends, crushes and breakups, I didn’t realise when I was engulfed by the beautiful culture of IIM K. I don’t know where these 50 days have passed by but I know one thing, that every second I spent on this campus brought a new experience with itself.  This statue always inspires me to aim as high as possible and focus only on the bull’s eye. I have realized that these are the two years to enjoy the most and also learn the most, but always to remember that one reason for being here and work towards it.