My Peculiar Classmate At MDI

The setting was perfect, it was my first day at MDI Gurgaon. I thought to myself of how this was all I had longed for and finally found myself in the same place. I entered the class, everyone sat with their friends chirping and contemplating as to what the next class would bring in store. I glanced all around, my eyes searching for a familiar face but every time they did I failed to find a seat beside my friend. It was then I finally caught the look of a corner seat beside an unfamiliar face but anyway rushed to sit there. Unlike many, there this particular guy showed close to no fervour with drooping shoulders and eyes longing for sleep. I was perplexed, for I was brimming with enthusiasm to initiate a conversation with my new classmate but he was too sleepy to even care to have a word with me. But, the best was yet to come. As soon as the professor entered the class, he resounded with energy to get up and wish him good morning, he was an active participant throughout the entirety of the session and asked numerous questions while also interacting with me whenever he had the chance. I was happy that my fairly early judgement of him turned out to be false, but as it turned out I was wrong again. As soon as the session culminated, he resorted to the same position head down eyes closed, the newly arrived zeal had vanished out of nowhere. He repeated the same practice session by session, day in day out. After a few days, I knew I had had enough of it and asked him right away as to what this strange practice was, to which he seemed to come up with a  very structured but unexpected logical answer that how he would resort to short fifteen-minute power naps between sessions to keep himself agile and refreshed while ensuring he does not slack in this ever-competitive B-School environment due to lack of sleep and proper rest. I was amazed by his discipline and ability to repeat this day in day out without any glitches in his entrusted method. This sure did bring out the best in him and maximised his productivity and efficiency. To this day admire this strange method of his, and talk to people about the same,  for it set out an example for every B-School candidate out there as to how one can subtly increase one’s productivity efficiently using the time at hand.


The Aditya Birla Group company I would love to work for is Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL),the retail arm of the company. It is my dream workplace because along with being one of the country’s top five retail chains it would also give me the opportunity to manage, plan and/or be a part of decisions that relate to choices, habits, preferences of the mass public. I have always visualised myself in a strategic management position wherein I have to take into consideration and study the market psyche and customer habits first hand of the general consumer that is the Indian Middle Class which is a huge target audience for any company. This is so because the Indian Middle Class is one of its kind market for any company due to the amazing and huge unreserved potential it holds in its stead which could help any company grow leaps and bounds only on its own impetus. What better place than Aditya Birla Retail Limited to experience the same with a business grossing over $43 Billion and a large presence across every nook and corner of the country that could truly amaze anyone.