Percentages, Profit & Loss and Simple & Compound Interest – InsideIIM Virtual Class with CPLC’s Parag Chitale

In this video, you gain knowledge from one of the best professors in with almost 2 decades of experience in management education – CPLC ‘s Prof.Parag Chitale. The systematic manner in which Prof.Chitale deconstructs the problems makes quantitative aptitude seem ridiculously simple.  Our only request to you is to please share it with as many people as possible out there.


Profit & Loss

Simple & Compound Interest

Whether it is CAT or GMAT, this series on InsideIIM is comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of all possible problems under the Quantitative Aptitude area. You can watch the entire course here.


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lecture on percentage was not full….what was successive method..comes from nowhere..

other videos are awesome ….


Fantastic videos. Thank you sir for refreshing the concepts so quickly and effectively. The percentages video needs a bit of re-editing though.