The Perfect Balance – Bharath Turlapaty’s Field Immersion Module Experience At BAPL – IIM Nagpur

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”, quoted by Marilyn Vos Savant.

IIM Nagpur’s curriculum composition of academics, Field Immersion Module (FIM) and Summer Internship Programme (SIP) hits a perfect balance for the students to attain a right mix of knowledge and wisdom.

As IIM Nagpur concludes its FIM for its 4th batch of PGP students, I can reaffirm the fact that one of IIM Nagpur’s uniqueness lies in FIM and emphasis that IIM Nagpur has laid upon FIM. IIM Nagpur increased its reach of having FIM partners in Nagpur to Aurangabad and Nasik.

I was one of the forty-two students, who were allotted with Aurangabad for FIM. Although the allotment was random, the students were perfectly grouped as the allotment was made. Myself being a mechanical engineer by my choice of under graduation was allotted with Bhogale Automotive Private Limited, which manufactures high precision automotive parts. Allotment of Yaswanth, an Electronics engineer as my partner for FIM too seemed to be in line with the automotive manufacturers’ strategies to graduate to Electric vehicles, which require knowledge of Power electronics. We were assigned with a faculty mentor who was to guide us throughout the project.

Excited that I would be back to work in an organization after a break of approximately 6 months after my first job in corporate, I reached Aurangabad and was greeted with a comfortable room, which would be mine for the next twenty days. Having reported at 9AM at the office, I was informed that the MD and the CEO of the company would personally mentor the project, that we would execute during our tenure at BAPL. Our first meeting was scheduled with the CEO of the organization, where we were briefed about the problems that we would be assigned to work upon, the expectations that the organization had on us. The problem statements that we were assigned to work on were the analysis of product defects and recommend a suitable solution; devise expansion strategies and implementation plan to assist the organization in achieving its revenue targets; analyse the financial statements of the competitors and set a benchmarking of industry functionals.

It was important for us to understand the organization before we attempted to work on the problem statements. On day one, we were escorted by a plant supervisor to give us a gist of the plant operations of the organization and understand the capabilities of the organization. Our second meeting was scheduled with the MD of the organization. This meeting has given further insights for our study towards the problems. Also, this meeting has given us important insights on how important this programme is being considered by the organization and the emphasis that we have to deploy as we progress on the project. Throughout the twenty days, we had the chance to interact with various employees at different levels in the organization to understand in detail about the firm. Interim reports and the two-way feedback mechanism, that was adopted during this tenure have helped us to meet the deadlines and deliverables. Further to the assigned project, we have drafted an innovation and reward policy for the organization to foster the innovation culture, on which the vision of the organization was built upon.

As we presented our final report of FIM, it was those appreciations from the senior leadership of the organization that made us realize that hard work is always rewarded. As we left the organization, apart from the memories that we have built along the twenty days at the organization, it was a hand-crafted artwork that the attendant of the organization has gifted made us the day so special. We are highly obliged to the Field study office at IIM Nagpur, whose efforts have made our programme a memorable.

Also, an email from the MD of BAPL today made us realize us that the engagement is not short-lasting but a relation that we have built for life. The first lesson in corporate life during MBA, “Give your best every day”.

Bharath Turlapaty

PGP student, Indian Institute of Management Nagpur