Perseverance is the key- TAPMI

Our past experiences define who we are today.Each experience gives you an opportunity to reflect upon your actions and improve yourself. I have had experiences which have shaped my personality and made me an emotionally strong individual .Once my father’s business suffered huge losses which deeply affected the financial situation of my family but seeing my father’s persistence during those days made me realize that if one believes in himself, he can always grow from the ashes. his commitment helped me turn into an individual who is always ready to fight the odds and never wants to give up. During those days, I decided to help my share the responsibility of our family’s finances and started giving private tuition to younger students. Although it was tough to manage  but I never allowed the same to affect my academic grades and tried my best to help my family in every possible. way. The entire scenario made me realize the value of family and never give up attitude.

Another challenge which I have faced in my life is body shaming. I was a fat kid and always had body weight issues. The constant body shaming somehow took away my self-confidence from me. Seeing my situation my father decide to step in and made me realize some extra amount of kilos cannot decide who I am and it is all about being comfortable in one’s own skin. He also encouraged me to adopt a healthier life style and helped me gain my self confidence back.

Divya Baweja

I am Divya Baweja. I am a graduate in Economics from Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. I have always excelled in academics in my school as well as college .I have worked at Deloitte India in Transfer Pricing for a period of 12 months. My work experience has helped me strengthened my knowledge in field of accounting and I want to further enhance my knowledge and skills by studying management in a reputed B school TAPMI.