Perseverance – You Should Have A Reason That Holds You Up!

This article is based on something which may not be directly related to cracking MBA entrance exams, but its one of the most crucial aspect which can pave your way to the doors of top b-schools of the country. Here, I am not referring to reading, problem-solving or even the dreadful DILR; what I am talking about is the power of PerseveranceThroughout your upcoming CAT preparation, there will be numerous occasions where you will think: how much ever you try, whatsoever you try, you are not going to crack these difficult exams; you are not going to nail any one of them! This will be the time when you will be on the verge of losing faith in yourself and you may even get disheartened when the mock season starts. That will be the time when only and only perseverance will let you survive and hold-on, force you to give mocks regularly, no matter how low you score!

So all of you guys who want to Bell the CAT should start your preparation by keeping a mindset that no matter what happens during the preparation, be it low mock scores, undoable DILR sets or incomprehensible RCs, you need to keep going, you need to back yourself up, you need stand every time you fall so that after the exam you emerge out not as a quitter, but as a fighter.

Every time you feel like quitting, make sure you remember the reason because of which you started; that reason may be your family, your desire to gift an Audi to your father, your hope of seeing your mother cry on your convocation day when you graduate from a prestigious B-school, the reason may be your brother who once dreamed of being in an IIM but could not do so because of some unavoidable reason but who now wants to fulfill his dream by seeing you there! The reason may be your unfulfilled desire of being a part of a prestigious institute, the reason may also be someone whom you love to the bottom of your heart, the reason could also be your last chance to become a hero in the eyes of your small nephew, the reason could also be to prove to yourself that you are not a failure! The reasons may be varied. They may vary from person to person but the important thing is, the reason should be such a strong force that it should compel you to work hard even in the toughest of times and not let you quit even when everything seems to be against your favour. Cracking CAT depends a lot on your perseverance and your willpower to hold yourself during those tough preparation times.

I think this will be a sufficient motivation dose to stir you guys up just before the preparation season kicks off.

Always remember- “If you can take it, you can make it :)”

All the best guys!

Shobhit Dwivedi

Shobhit Dwivedi- B.Tech, HBTI Kanpur