P&G (Marketing) – Interview Experience #2

In continuation of our Interview Experiences Series, we bring to you the second interview experience.

Procter & Gamble is a dream company for many MBA aspirants, and is famous globally for its brilliant Marketing campaigns. We have an IIM Ahmedabad student sharing his experience for the Marketing (Brand Management) profile of P&G.

Stay tuned for our upcoming experiences, as we have Finance, GenMan and Consulting interviews lined up next. You can also check out previous years’ experiences here.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Marketing Summer Internship Interview Experience


Business School: IIM Ahmedabad


Psychometric Test

After the psychometric test there were two rounds of interviews.

First Interview Round: Group Interview in groups of 4 with two or more interviewers

Interviewers ask questions in a round robin fashion to each interviewee. All questions were HR with special focus on interviewee’s role to play in each of the instances cited as answers.

The questions were mostly related: if one interviewee’s answer to any question was something to do with team work, mostly likely the next question to the next interviewee would be on the basis of team work.

Second Interview Round: Individual interview with two interviewers.

This was a combination of HR and marketing questions. The task given to was ‘Estimate demand for a fictional product’ the interviewer made up, starting from segmentation and then continuing.

HR questions revolve around specific instances of teamwork and your role in each instance.

Parts of the Interview you did well at: I didn’t stick to one experience and could bring up different parts of my CV for different questions.

Parts of the Interview you didn’t do well at: In the Second Round, they look for structured presentation of your experience highlighting the most critical aspects. I felt that I was a little verbose when I described my experiences.

Final Verdict: Offered


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