PGPX Program Has Provided The Visibility To Impact Organisations – Pradeep Hiremeath (PGPX-2014)

“Having worked in the industry for 5+ years, I was confident that I had the potential to impact organisations on a larger scale. After some degree of self-introspection, I understood that a skillset upgrade was in order. The opportunity presented itself when I was offered admission to the PGPX program conducted by IIM Udaipur in collaboration with Purdue University. The opportunity to continue my education in not one, but two world-class educational institutions was too good to pass.

Once the program started, right from the administrative staff to the faculty, you could sense that everyone involved was trying hard to make the program a success. With the best faculty from IIM A, B & C moulding your perspectives and outlook, the classes never seem like a chore and were rather exhilarating. The courses at IIMU, Purdue, and even the internship are designed in such a way that your knowledge in the field of supply chain gets incremented every single day. While IIMU gives the opportunity to interact with Indian peers, the Purdue stint opens you up to a multi-cultural world, which is truly exciting in itself. All in all, I can vouch for the fact that the program has equipped me adequately in the field of supply chain management and beyond. This program has provided me life’s lessons that would hopefully keep me in good stead – and all this in a span of 15 months!



Now, being one of the first Senior Supply Chain Consultants at Manhattan Associates India, I would like to say that, more than anything, this program has provided the visibility to impact organizations, and supply chains in particular, on a larger scale. A word of thanks for our director, Prof. Janat Sir here, whose personal guidance and warmth helped all of us to strive to be the best that we could be.”



About the Author:

Pradeep Hiremath

Lead Consultant

Manhattan Associates

PGPX Class of 2014

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur


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