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It is that time of the year when you are all done and dusted with the CAT, results have come, and you have scored an awesome 95+ percentile and are sure to get one of the prestigious IIMs. The interview seasons have also ended and you have given your best, resulting into getting offer letters from most institutes and now is where the confusion starts creeping in –  especially when you are one of those who are getting offers from all the so-called tier-II IIMs, it gets really difficult to choose just the right one. Here are my two cents on this scenario as to why one should go for IIM Kashipur!

IIM Kashipur started off in 2011 and it has been producing an awesome set of managers’ right since the first year. Mentored by IIM Lucknow in the start and guided by an excellent set of renowned professors like ex-Director Prof. Gautam Sinha, Mr. Bhamoriya –  the institute has reached great heights in such a less time that only a few institutes can cope up. Let me break up the reasons as to why should one go for IIM Kashipur or as the ‘IIM in the North’ as we call it since its inception:

Academics and Curriculum:

The institute has always focussed upon its prime objective of imparting education and prioritized it above everything else. The curriculum designed is such that it takes immense rigor to be able to complete it successfully and that is what creates great managers when participants pass out after two years. 3 to 5 lectures a day amounting to a minimum of 5 hours of classroom teaching on a daily basis is something that always keeps the students uptight.

Infrastructure and Hostel:

IIM Kashipur is the first of all the tier II or what they call as “new IIMs” to enter into its permanent campus. Also, it is probably the largest campus of all the IIMs with a 200 acres land – put to great use by following – Academic block with large classrooms, 20 plus hostel building with 24 rooms in each building. This gives the students single occupancy rooms and this promotes privacy and relaxation after a long tiring day of learning. The campus is blessed with greenery and is at the lap of nature with tourist destinations like Jim Corbett and Nainital in close proximity. The campus also has a large amphitheatre which facilitates as the stage for all the cultural and extra-curricular events.

Placements and Industry interaction:

Unlike most IIMs, IIM Kashipur is placed in the proximity of many brands who have their industries set up in Uttarakhand. This helps the students in getting a number of live projects, summer internships and also helps a student get amazing placements. The average package which the students here get is at par with all the other new IIMs.

Other specialities:

Apart from all the general categorizations, IIM Kashipur stands out when it comes to the plethora of committees, clubs and cells it incubates. This promotes the all-round development of an individual by grooming him/her in cultural, social, sports, entrepreneurial and numerous other ways.

Thus, I would like to end my two cents by saying that if offered an admission to IIM Kashipur don’t lose this opportunity as it might not knock your door again!

Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

In my opinion, I would prefer working for the ‘UltraTech Cement’ brand under the ABG umbrella. The reason for this is multipurpose:

It is India’s largest exporter of cement and manufacturer. It is widespread in four countries and is already having increasing demand from other countries in Middle East. The way this company has completely overtaken the market of cement industry is something commendable and the economist in me will certainly love to understand the reason to this. Their strategic planning, marketing team will be a great learning hub for me.


– Chirag Dixit

IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur


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