How To Prepare for Group Discussions – Types of GDs – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

In the 5th episode of summertime madness in association with Reliance Industries, we cover different types of GDs used by recruiters. There is no formula to ace the GD but by knowing the types of GD and by understanding what is the purpose of each type, you can deliver better.



The first type of GD is the Abstract Group Discussion. In abstract, cryptic GD topics, the way to do well in them is to let your mind fly. Find creative ways of interpreting the topics but associate the interpretations with current social and economic realities to reveal your ability to create analogies and to spot patterns.

The second and the most common type of GD is the one that involves Current Affairs. To prepare for this type of GD, read extensively about topics relating to Business, Politics, Sport, and Popular culture – in the same order. Connect the point made by others to what you know.

The third type of GD is the Case Study. Often, a real case study is given and you are expected to arrive at a solution to the problem by analysing the facts. In this type of GD, while communication skills are tested, you also get a sense of how a person thinks. It is important not only to solve the case but also to convince the entire group that the solution that you have come up with, is the best one. It tests the degree of your communication skills, persuasion skills and the general level of your thinking patterns.

Remember the following points to make a lasting impact in your GD:

  1. Add value to the discussion.
  2. Be professional.
  3. Be observant.
  4. Give a structure to your discussion to add value rather than jumping to conclusions.

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