The Pride Of The Aravalis – Sanket Vibhandik, IIM Udaipur

The first glimpse of the IIMU campus that you catch when entering the main gate is that of a huge complex of oddly assembled blocks, with a giant 4-story bridge suspended between two sets of the said blocks. As you move closer to the structures, you realize there is an enormous pit at the bottom of these structures, facing the main gate. It’s gonna be a lake soon. Yup. The campus has multiple lakes planned and this is just the first of it. And the bridge that I mentioned is the 4-story library, and arguably the most impressive façade any campus in the country can boast of (when it’s fully constructed, of course). As you take a right and drive up a winding road to the hostels, the Aravali ranges greet you in their entire glory, with the valleys and hills and the lush greenery overwhelming your senses.  And that’s just the first 3 minutes of your experience at this breathtaking campus.

I want to specifically talk about the IIMU campus from a purely architectural and infrastructural point of view here. It takes unimaginable efforts to create an educational institution of this stature, both in reputation and physical grandeur in the middle of the oldest mountain range of India. One look at the surrounding terrain and you’d be convinced of the impossibility of this feat of constructing a 300-acre self-sustaining campus that can hold a thousand students. And yet when you enter the gates and have a look for yourself, your misconceptions are blown away and how!

The campus consists of the main academic block, which houses the classrooms, the faculty offices, the administrative office, the library, a canteen. Two connecting corridors connect the academic block to the hostel area. These corridors are lined with utility-based rooms, like the music room, the TV room, an infirmary, meeting rooms for clubs and committees etc. And oh, also the parking lot for the cycles that the institute provides for commute within the campus. As you enter the hostel compounds, you have multiple eateries on your right that serve to satisfy those midnight cravings and escapes from mess food!  IIMU has 6 hostels, out of which one is for female students. The hostels and well spread out, with a large quadrangular common area that plays host to many events and community meetings. This is where the ‘real’ campus feels are experienced, with 500 odd students roaming around in this giant plaza.  The interiors of the hostels and the rooms are as comfortable and spacious as one can ask, not to mention the availability of all basic amenities and some premium facilities like air conditioning in every room. Life here becomes easier when you know you have a comfortable abode to rest in after hours of lectures and assignments!

I wouldn’t say the campus is perfect yet. Work is in progress and progressing fast. But the current offerings and proposed plans would surely make IIMU’s campus one of the most sought after in the country very soon!

Which ABG company I would like to join and why

I would love to work in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, as it is easily the most eye-grabbing and exciting business in the entire portfolio of ABG companies. Brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Forever 21 and Louis Philippe have become household names and yet have an aura about them, and it would be nothing short of thrilling to be a part of these. There is a definite relatability factor about these brands since we use  them as part of our daily lives, and for me personally, it is quite an exciting proposition to get behind the scenes of everyday routines and experience life on the other side of these products that we have come to love and own over the years

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